Even Shady Pasts Can Lead to Bright Futures

This post has been a long time in the making. The story is hard for me to look back on and harder to tell, so please bare with me and be gentle in judgment. In a lot of ways I'm like a first time mom with Kairi. There are a lot of very public ways, like that I breastfeed Kairi and I didn't with Gracie, I babywear, I co-sleep... There are a lot of very different mothering techniques (I guess) that I am using this time round. But there is also one very big, very private way that I am a first time mom... ...more

No Boobs in the Cry Room

A few weeks ago I posted something on my Facebook status regarding breastfeeding support. Most of my friends know that I breastfeed my daughter, and while I am not of the Breastfeed-or-Die clan I am pretty well versed in the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding and have opinions on both. ...more
Wasn't baby Jesus breastfed?more

My Mom Body...

I just read that the next Back Talk topic is going to be the Mom Body. As a woman who has just given birth to my last child a little more than 3 weeks ago, this is something that I am currently dealing with on more of a full scale basis than I normally would. Growing up, I was the tall, skinny girl. People called me Daddy Long Legs... In 6th grade, my nickname was "High Water" because I couldn't find any pants with long enough legs. I heard all the horrible names - Bean Pole I think was the one I heard the most of them all.  ...more

Wow....our stories sound sooooo similar!  I got the whole 'beanpole' nickname too!  I'm like ...more

Getting My Tubes Tied... Curiosity

Alrighty - so here it is. I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my second child, and my husband and I are talking about getting my tubes tied. The issue isn't getting it done vs. not getting it done - that's not up for discussion here. My issue is just getting information on it. Does it hurt? Is the recovery time long or difficult? Will they put me under for it, or am I going to be awake? ...more

 left out a word. sorry. then felt fine.

Wendy, The Totally Desperate ...more

Insert Title at a Later Date: A Guide to Procrastination in Three Easy Steps

Procrastination: The art of putting off that which should be done today but can be done tomorrow. I would like to say that I am the type of person who completes a task the first chance I get after receiving it. Unfortunately, I am not. I like to think that I work best under pressure and I give myself that excuse to wait until the very last ...more

Getting it Off My Chest Vol. 1 - My Wedding

My husband and I, on the 6th anniversary of our first kiss got married. It was June 1, 2007. I look back at this date with a sense of accomplishment as we'd made it through so much more than anyone ever thought possible. However, every now and again a dark cloud covers my memories of our wedding. I've never really shared anything about it, although I've wanted to at the very least blog on it. I couldn't at any other point in time though, as my issues are with some of my in-laws, and while they will likely forever plague my memories, they are not something that I want to bring up to them. ...more

It's been a while...

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. Not a whole lot has gone on since my last post - I ended up having to go to once class on Dec. 10th for a final, but for the most part I stuck at home. That was actually the last day of my first semester of college. I was pretty excited - especially to have some time away from school. HAHA. I did pretty well - A's and B's. I'm pretty proud of myself. ...more

A Day Without a Gay

December 10, 2008 is a day that I hope will go down in history. On that day, anyone gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or supportive of any of the above are asked to call-in to work, boycott for the day if possible. It's being held this day because it's also Human Rights Day. What better day for it? It's all to support equal rights for the GBLT community. I'm not personally of the community, but I do support them. I feel like they are being treated as second-rate citizens and it's not fair.  ...more

But Flat Tires Are SO Much Fun!

My school is a short 20 minute commute from my house. It's in a separate town, which may sond strange to some. I bet some of you reading are even thinking 'Are there really separate towns only 20 minutes away? Hell, even McDonald's is more than 20 minutes away from me!' But, you have to remember that I live in a town of only about 30,000 with several rural towns surrounding it. My school is in one of those rural towns. ...more

Day Two: Filtering Through the Junk

Alrighty... Time to start day two. I've decided that I am going to attempt to blog once a day, at least until I get this down. And seeing as I don't really have an audience yet, I might as well take this time to sort through some of the BS that needs to be established, but at the same time I don't intend on discussing frequently. I'm going to try to tackle some of the larger, more contreversial issues now so that I don't have to later - and if I do, I can merely site what I've written here and move forward from that. ...more