Happy Birthday Zach

The last birthday of the year for our family, but certainly not the least! Happy 15th Birthday Zach! I commented to him yesterday how I had started labour with him and he seemed a bit surprised that it had gone on for so long ....more

Last Day in Prague

While we had the best intentions to wake up early and head out to view all the “touristy” sites without the masses, our bodies wanted otherwise and we had a nice sleep in. We strolled through the streets and made our way to the Charles Bridge to look out. We saw some cool things on the way: We then climbed the tower: ...more

Daytrip to Dresden, Germany

In April during our semi annual church conference, one of our leaders (Dieter F. Uchtdorf) spoke of the city of Dresden: “Not far from where my family lived was the city of Dresden. Those who lived there witnessed perhaps a thousand times what I had seen ....more

Prague, Day 1

Another early morning as we had to make our way to the train station as we were heading to Prague! Prague has always been on my list of places to go, as I have heard it is beautiful. I’m just going to say, “Wow” ....more

Happy 11th Birthday, Sam!

We have another birthday in our house! Sam turns 11! This little firecracker is still our little “Sam-wee” although he’s getting bigger every day ....more

Happy 18th Gabe

Need to press pause in our travel stories, as it’s a big day today — Gabe turns 18!!! 18! Holy Cow! ...more

Berlin, Day 3

Today we decided to step a bit out of Berlin and see a few areas. We first headed to the concentration camp Sachenhausen. We had been to Dachau outside of Munich with Gabe on his trip a couple of years ago, and it had been a moving experience, so we decided to take the kids to Sachenhausen ....more

Berlin, Day 2

We chose to sleep in a bit today as everyone was tired and needed a bit of a break. Good thing, because we squeezed a lot in! We decided it would be a museum day; a sample of several museums ....more

Berlin, Day 1

We decided to take the train from Hamburg to Berlin. I love European train stations and wanted to get to enjoy taking a high speed train. We all sort of missed out on a lot of the scenery unfortunately, as we were all catching up on our writing, work (Rob) and sleep:) I had a bit of a panic moment when I saw a stop for Berlin and we needed to get off the train (it was going on to Munich) ....more

Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck was definitely in our plans, as that is where Granny spent her early years. We decided at the last minute that rather than take the train, as originally planned, we rented a car. We felt this would give us more freedom ....more