Quote of the Week

“Decisions determine destiny.” Thomas S. Monson A couple of weeks ago I went to the high school open house for students entering high school next year. Although Gabe already attends that school, being the wicked Stepmom, I had to bow out of attending such events for him as it likely would have resulted in some stressful, conflictual, “who does she think she is” kind of thing that I would inevitably end up hearing about ....more

The dedication of our home

For FHE (Family Home Evening or Family Night as we often call it around here) this week we finally did something that we have been wanting to do for ages. With so many outside influences swirling around our kids, we have talked for a long time about how we want our home to be a “safe place.” I talked back here about “thin places” and I really want our home to be a thin place. We decided to dedicate this FHE to talking about our home, and then dedicate our home ....more

Quote of the Week

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” What do you get when you have two biological brothers 18 months apart, who have some very similar interests (and share the same life routine of travelling back and forth between their two homes?) Some serious competition. I mean, serious ....more

Another author

We have another official published writer in our home!!! Gabe decided to try his hand in writing about things he is passionate about: investments. We didn’t see it until it was published ....more

Quote of the Week

I wanted to start this year off right, by having a quote that was a bit symbolic of what I hoped for the year to come. I don’t know where I heard this quote, – and really it’s not really a “quote” – but I knew I wanted to use it: “Why not YOU?” Really. Why not YOU?? ...more

Year in a Glance – 2014

2014 was certainly an eventful one. So many things that I never want to forget, but so many things I don’t think I’ll want to remember. But you can’t have the good without the bad…so I’ll mix them all in! ...more

Christmas Eve

We had all the kids for Christmas Eve this year until Christmas morning. It wasn’t technically our year, but Rob had done some negotiating with his ex to accommodate other needs (primarily Gabe’s job – which is a whole story itself), which gave us this time (of course, at the last minute Rob’s ex wanted to pull out of the deal and caused a HUGE fiasco and a lot of stress at the last minute — expecting us to change all our Christmas plans to accommodate her desire to go back on her deal— trying to make Rob out to be the bad guy, of course…but really, could we expect anything different, especially after the kind of year we had with her). ANYHOW ....more

Robbie’s Christmas Eve Summary of 2014

We are here again cozy in our home Blessed to be among loved ones and not alone 2014 is a year to remember, from skiing the peaks to a not so cold December So without further ado Let me introduce to you the CDF family year in review! To say it was a start early in the year would be understatement as loud as Christmas cheer With plans set and planes to catch, no doubt about it, a long journey and adventure was about to hatch! With kids going yonder and far beyond. ....more

Christmas Traditions

Despite my lack of blogging about things, things are happened in the usual Christmas tradition way…. Except, everyone is a year older, so even though “the truth is known”, no one around here minds keeping the spirit of imaginary alive. And so, Quiet Elfie arrived every night ....more

Thin Places

I read this post...more