Seeking Silver Linings

Since the beginning of the year, I've had writer's block....A few bad days and difficult situations and my words get trapped inside my head....But this month something happened.... My Grandma...  The woman who raised me... died...........  The instant I received the news... My writer's block went away.. I'm still very sad.. ....and more than a little overwhelmed... ...more

Love In The Time of Social Media

"Does it ever bother you that HE never changed his status on Facebook?" I remember being perplexed at the question. Though I don't obsess about the changes made to my boyfriend's Facebook profile, I know that he updates his statuses regularly, especially with updates for his business. I quickly realized that I was referring to the wrong type of status: "No, I mean his relationship status. You know it still says he's single? Maybe he didn't realize it, but you should bring it up anyway and see if he changes it." ...more
Yes dating with social media nowadays is pretty different.  Have you all heard of the new app ...more

Test Post

This is only a test. Hello from me to you....more