How To Drink Like A Grown Up- A Video!

This is BIG! This has nothing to do with babies or kids or potty training or crafts. It’s totally out of the box for me, but I think/hope you’ll love it ....more

34 And Snow Boots

I bought my first pair of snow boots ever last month, right after we booked a cabin in Tahoe. Because Tahoe and snow boots, right? If not now, when? ...more

I Try To Stop Time When You Sleep. It’s Filling Up My Camera Roll.

Last week we returned from 8 days away from the kids. It was refreshing and relaxing, but I think all we really needed was 7 days. We spent the last 24 hours anxious to get home ....more

2nd Floor Safety- Tips for keeping your family safe in a 2 story home

Allstate is back with another collaboration today- this time they are answering my questions about how to keep our family safe in a 2 story home. I love this house from top to bottom, inside and out. BUT there are a few things that make me uneasy, and all those things are hazards associated with […] ...more

Hurry! Before he gets here! Why Chuck E. Cheese needs to ditch the rat.

When my sister Kelly was little, she was terrified of Shamu. Not the actual whale, but the walking character at the park. My mom tried to ease her fears by assuring her, “Honey, it’s okay ....more

Our Stupid Easy Valentines This Year- Last Minute Because Obviously

I came up with ideas for the kids’ Valentines last month, and I ordered all the supplies weeks ago. The plan was to get them made and blogged in time to share with you all before it was too late to inspire you for this year. Of course, life never goes according to plan ....more

What I Wish I Would Have Known My First Pregnancy {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is back with some great advice for pregnancy first-timers. She just welcomed her 3rd baby, so she’s kind of a pro now. ********* After 3 pregnancies in 4 years, I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this baby-growing thing ....more

Time Is An Asshole

“Hey mom…. I have a crush on a girl.” That was his random statement to me recently. He dresses himself most days ....more

LoLo’s Puppy Nursery – Room Reveal

There is one whole room in our house finally complete! I think I’m just going to live in it, and never leave it. I’m sure Lowell won’t mind ....more

Big Impact, Little Cost: Display life’s little moments on a clipboard wall

This home has considerably more wall space than our last one, which is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. On one hand, I can’t wait to fill them with thoughtfully curated collections of personal photos and art. On the other hand, that takes a lot of time and money ....more