I Grew Up Thinking I Want To Be A SAHM. Then I Grew Out Of It. {Contributor}

This gal- Stephanie Totty of FroggyAndTheMouse.com- who I’m honored to have contributing here, has seen me through this entire motherhood journey, mostly by way of online friendship. I’m thrilled to bring her fresh perspective here. I adore her honesty, and I know she brings a valuable voice to this blog, especially as she shares a […] ...more

Changing Of The Wreaths Day- September 1

I woke up today and realized August is dead, which was a shocking surprise because I usually count down the days of August with wishful glee as September approaches. Perhaps because it wasn’t such a brutally hot summer this year, or perhaps because I wasn’t stuck in the house with a newborn. Either way, I’m […] ...more

Still Loving Our DIY, Low Budget Hardwood Floors After 3 Years

It's been 3 years since we installed our own hardwood floors on a small budget. We are still in love with them, and I'm answering some popular questions about them, including our opinion on using Monocoat to finish them ....more

With Experience Comes Confidence- Another Year Of School Begins

“I don’t like my hair spiky,” he said as I came at him with his dad’s bottle of hair gel. “Okay, let me just get it wet and comb it down a bit then? Because nobody wants bed head on the first day of first grade,” I replied with a smile ....more

Bats & Balls- This Is Not About Baseball {Contributor}

Contributor Suzanne Davis loses her mind a little shortly after having her 3rd baby when bats invade her house while her husband is stuck in a submarine ....more

I Want To Be Strong- On Body Image After Anxiety

Fighting to get stronger, mentally and physically, and silencing that voice in my head that longs for a skinny, ill body ....more

Stitchfix August Box- What I Love, What I Don’t

A rundown of what I loved and what I didn't in my August Stitch Fix box ....more

Kids Left In Hot Cars- Some Facts

When Allstate approached me to work on a series of sponsored content, like this post, they wanted to know what were some safety issues I wanted to talk about with my audience. The horrifying thought of kids dying in hot vehicles was at the top of my list because I genuinely believe it’s something that […] ...more

Notes To The Babysitter- Video

I made a magical discovery this week while excavating the wonder that is our home office. Under piles of files, I found a notebook dating back to 2009, the year we hired our very first baby sitter for our first baby. Within it’s weathered and aged cover were 2 full pages of notes I left […] ...more

I Regret Not Sleep Training My Baby

I regret letting my anxiety and the fear of judgement from others stop me from sleep training my baby ....more