Low Budget Brass Bathroom Update

Anyone who’s ever watched an hour of HGTV in their life knows that master bathrooms and kitchens are usually what sell homes, and sell them fast, and sell them for a good price. The master bathroom was not what sold me on this house. In fact, it was one of my least favorite rooms ....more

I Fought The Paci & The Paci Won. Again.

The plan was I would write a post this morning while Lowell naps and Leyna watches Doc McStuffins all about how we FINALLY kicked the paci habit. (Remember that time the “Paci Fairy” was going to come? She didn’t ....more

Simple, Whimsical Halloween Decorations

Now that our house is officially under contract (again- we’re hopeful it will stick the 2nd time around), we can loosen up a little with keeping this place looking generic and pristine. And that is fantastic because I do love decorating for Halloween. I don’t go all out (like my friend Jen who is just… […] ...more

Nothing’s Wrong With Him… Or Something’s Wrong With All Of Them

Over the last couple months, I’ve come to an equally comforting and terrifying conclusion. There isn’t anything really wrong with Kendall, our perpetually stubborn, defiant, spirited first born. I know this because his little sister, nearly 4, once known as our “little angel” is now just as suborn and defiant, but with MOAR WHINES ....more

Why I’m Okay With Stitch Fix’s Prices, And My October Box

I got my October box of Stitch Fix clothes last week, delivered to my door step between home showings. And then I was super bummed because I had to wait all day to open it and try on my stuff! Because, you know, selling a house and keeping it clean and all that ....more

Creative Pregnancy Announcements- Did You Pull One Off? {Contributor}

Big news from contributor Julie today! I have never been able to pull off anything more than a blank stare to tell my husband I’m pregnant. Sometimes I even accompany the blank stare with words like, “Uhhhh…” and “Shut up,” and my very...more

Selling The Reality (House For Sale Part 2)

While the pictures we are using to sell our house depict this place as “Pinterest Perfect,” clean, bright, and fresh, they are soulless compared to thousands that whoever buys this home won’t see. There are things about this place that I wish I could convey to them, the realities, the things that make up the […] ...more

Selling The Dream (House For Sale Part 1)

This is officially the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my entire life. Not just the longest I’ve lived in a home, but the longest I’ve lived in the same zip code. So maybe that’s why, for the first time ever, I feel like I might cry when I think of closing our front door […] ...more

Adventures With 3 Kids & The Joovy TooQool Stroller {Contributor}

Suzanne is back today with more pics of baby Lincoln! And an update on life with 3 kids, along with a great review of the Joovy TooQool stroller....more

Communication Is A Good Thing & So Is Self Reflection- A Football Update

A lot of you chimed in with love and support after my post the other day about a lot of things, but mainly about my heartbreak over feeling Kendall was being excluded from his flag football team. I will admit that that night I was prepared to send off a scathing email to the coach, […] ...more