I Want To Be Strong- On Body Image After Anxiety

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Stitchfix August Box- What I Love, What I Don’t

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Kids Left In Hot Cars- Some Facts

When Allstate approached me to work on a series of sponsored content, like this post, they wanted to know what were some safety issues I wanted to talk about with my audience. The horrifying thought of kids dying in hot vehicles was at the top of my list because I genuinely believe it’s something that […] ...more

Notes To The Babysitter- Video

I made a magical discovery this week while excavating the wonder that is our home office. Under piles of files, I found a notebook dating back to 2009, the year we hired our very first baby sitter for our first baby. Within it’s weathered and aged cover were 2 full pages of notes I left […] ...more

I Regret Not Sleep Training My Baby

I regret letting my anxiety and the fear of judgement from others stop me from sleep training my baby ....more

“Kids Live Here” Home Design

My kids may ruin a lot of things, like my ability to ever wear anything white, but they definitely have not ruined our ability to have a beautiful house. Yes, when people walk in our house, the first thing they will probably think is, "Kids live here." Because, you know, kids live here ....more

Favorite Breastfeeding Products & Tips, Plus Video

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Pregnant News Anchor Passes Out In Street, Signs Off To Be A SAHM {Contributor}

Julie Kroenig was living "the dream" as a morning anchor for WKRN in Nashville, but after exhaustion literally lead her to passing out in the street while pregnant with her 2nd baby, she signed off ....more

Let It Grow

Texas peaches sprout on their own from a compost pile. The case for letting "weeds" grow ....more

Puppy Themed 1st Birthday Party

A huge thanks to Minted for sponsoring Lowell’s birthday party and this post! Lowell is always happy. His open mouth smiles, and eager greetings, his love for fetching balls, and his slobbery kisses have meant from nearly the moment he came into our lives he was our “little puppy.” That, in combination with his actual […] ...more