On Fear And Learning To Fly- Israel Trip, Part 3

When I got the email from Vibe Israel, asking me to to apply for a weeklong trip to a foreign country I’d only ever associated with conflict and war, I actually thought it was a joke. And then after I checked out their pretty legit website, I asked some close friends if they’d do it. They all said YES, OF COURSE ....more

Israel Trip, Part 2- An Afternoon With an Israeli Mother In Pictures

When the Vibe Israel team asked me what I most wanted to do in Israel, I thought for a few hours, then I knew exactly what. I wanted to meet a local mom, and I wanted to photograph a small part of a day in her regular life. Okay, sure, Jerusalem would be cool, the Dead Sea would be rad ....more

My Trip To Israel, Part 1

Man, I’m overwhelmed right now. To start, my blog has been down, off and on, for over a week, thanks to some kind of hack and malware. I’m so sorry if you got a warning when visiting here last week ....more

Welcome To Israel Week!

I opened an email late spring that I almost deleted because it just sounded… odd. Someone was inviting me to spend a week in Israel. I mean ....more

The Kidoodle.TV App & Family Moments are Going To Solve A Lot Of Problems, And You Could Win An iPad Mini!

This is a SUPER exciting post and giveaway. HUGE! Giant thanks to ...more

I Love Not Being Pregnant

Lowell is 2 years, 1 month, and 1 day old. By the time Kendall and Leyna were this age, I was 10-14 weeks pregnant with the next one. That is to say, this is the first time I’ve been able to experience life with a 2 year old while not incubating another life, sucking on Sour Patch kids, and willing myself to eat mashed potatoes ....more

I’m Reminded Why Toddlers Are So Cute

BEHOLD! The faces of LoLo. It’s a survival thing ....more

5 Things We Learned About Our Family On Our Carnival Cruise

It has been so much fun sharing bits of our Carnival cruise with you over the last few...more

Back To School Party Ideas With Tyson for #HungerHeroes

Tyson Foods® asked me to be a part of their #HungerHeroes campaign and throw a back-to-school party with some of their chicken nuggets and State Fair Corn Dogs®. Since the nuggets were already something we keep in our freezer, and since they are donating up to 360,000 meals to children in need for each item purchased, I was happy to jump on board for this sponsored post. “I’m really ready for summer to be over ....more

12 Toys We Have That Don’t Suck

I am pretty vicious about toys around here. When my world is falling down around me in chaos and fire, I go to the playroom and I purge. If my kids haven’t touched a toy in months, GOOD DAY, SIR ....more