Things Toddlers Don’t Understand

1. Why do the bananas break? WHY?! 2 ....more

Hello Kitty Inspired Wreath Tutorial

We have a serious obsession with all things “cat cat” around here, and have since long before Leyna turned 2. Actually, this goes WAY back to my childhood, back in Hawaii, back when I used to collect Sanrio erasers and hoard them in my kick-ass ninja pencil box. “Cat cat” means Hello Kitty ....more

Spray Paint Grapevine Wreaths For A Modern Update

If you’ve been around long enough, you know that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with wreaths. Like this one, and this one, and this one, which is a Pinterest superstar (who knew?). I just love coming up with a little circle of joy and spirit that looks nothing like what you can find for sale at the craft and floral stores ....more

Tips To Keep a 365 Photo Project From Becoming A Chore {Contributor}

Suzanne is blowing my mind with her 365 photo project. She’s making it look so easy that I asked her to write about it for me… I mean for all of you. I love her tips! ...more

A Calculated Kind Of Smart (And A First Haircut)

When our dog Bruno had to wear the cone of shame for any reason (and there were many), he would just… sit there. Motionless. Shifty eyes ....more

The Evolution Of My Diaper Bag

With my first baby, I was that mom, the Martyr MacGyver with the Mary Poppins Diaper Bag....more

Manual Shooting Made Easy(ish)

I truly believe the (not so) secret to getting images that WOW from your DSLR camera is to force yourself to learn how to shoot in manual. It is amazing the kind of power you have once you master that magical exposure triangle. If you have absolutely no idea how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work with each other, then this isn’t going to do you much good ....more

The Hat

I got it for him the Christmas before? After? we got married ....more

One Day You’ll Realize They Were The Big Things

Before he could do much other than lay there and look at me with big eyes swallowed up by even bigger cheeks, back when he stayed in the same place I left him- usually a soft blanket, surrounded by new, very clean toys- he was… kinda boring. Those days were long. Just him and me in a big house ....more

The Whole 30 Made Me Gain Weight, I Don’t Regret It

I completed the Whole 30 by the beginning of February. It changed my life for the better. It also made me gain weight ....more