My September Fix from Stitch Fix

Hiiiii!! Okay, the last 3 weeks have been BANANAS. Lots of travel, which has been equal parts YAY and Wait? ...more

Baby Blues? Or Browns? Or Maybe Greens?

Just curious. What color do you think his eyes are? What are they going to be? ...more

My Daughter Is Everything And Nothing I Expected- A Poppy Drops Giveaway

Leyna Lorelei- 2nd born, middle sister, hair twirler, obsessive snuggler, paci-aholic, bossy, nurturing, and addicted to pickles. She’s sugar and spice and everything and nothing I ever expected my daughter to be. This post is sponsored by Poppy Drops, which is awesome because I love when companies I love want to work with me and […] ...more

Childhood Cancer ACTION and a #HelpSam Update

Last September, I read a post shared on Facebook, calling out the empty intentions behind so many “awareness” campaigns. This one was specifically addressing childhood cancer. It’s a pretty powerful read ....more

I Need A Little Feedback And You Could Win $50

I launched a reader survey the other night. I posted the link on my FB page and have already received a tremendous amount of feedback. If you haven’t taken it yet, would you? ...more

Last-Minute School Kit – DIY & Video

The last-minute school kit is full of items I usually forget I need until the last minute, or things that will make getting my kid out the door and to school at the last minute easier ....more

I Grew Up Thinking I Want To Be A SAHM. Then I Grew Out Of It. {Contributor}

This gal- Stephanie Totty of who I’m honored to have contributing here, has seen me through this entire motherhood journey, mostly by way of online friendship. I’m thrilled to bring her fresh perspective here. I adore her honesty, and I know she brings a valuable voice to this blog, especially as she shares a […] ...more

Changing Of The Wreaths Day- September 1

I woke up today and realized August is dead, which was a shocking surprise because I usually count down the days of August with wishful glee as September approaches. Perhaps because it wasn’t such a brutally hot summer this year, or perhaps because I wasn’t stuck in the house with a newborn. Either way, I’m […] ...more

Still Loving Our DIY, Low Budget Hardwood Floors After 3 Years

It's been 3 years since we installed our own hardwood floors on a small budget. We are still in love with them, and I'm answering some popular questions about them, including our opinion on using Monocoat to finish them ....more

With Experience Comes Confidence- Another Year Of School Begins

“I don’t like my hair spiky,” he said as I came at him with his dad’s bottle of hair gel. “Okay, let me just get it wet and comb it down a bit then? Because nobody wants bed head on the first day of first grade,” I replied with a smile ....more