Painted Mason Jar Votive Holders

We barely have any Valentine's Day decorations in our house. It isn't that we don't like to decorate for holidays (you should see our house at Christmas!). And it isn't that we're Valentine's haters (I'm a big fan of celebrating love whenever you can) ....more

Healthy Chicken Stir Fry

When thinking about how to compress cooking a healthy meal into a time crunch, I’m a fan of using wholesome products that save you some precious minutes without sacrificing any nutrition. Minute® Brown Rice is a great example of one of these products! It’s nutritionally the same as the long-cook brown rice you can get in the grocery store, but because it is parboiled, it cooks in a flash. Normal brown rice can take upwards of 40 minutes to cook, but Minute Brown Rice is ready in 1/4 of that time!...more

Healthy Chicken Stir Fry

This post is brought to you by a Back to Her Roots partner There are nearly 500 (!) recipes on this website. I've been cooking things, taking pictures, and posting recipes on the internet for all to see for almost six years now. And yet, somehow, I still don't have all of my go-to, staple, can-always-count-on-it recipes posted ....more

Bacon Sriracha Queso

Sometimes, I feel like I should rename this blog to House of Bacon and Sriracha. I mean, it doesn't really roll off the tongue very well, but it does do a pretty great job of giving you guys an accurate picture of what I'm all about. Bacon and Sriracha are my jam (and now, I totally want to make a bacon and Sriracha jam) ....more

5 Savory Ways to Top a Frozen Waffle

This post is brought to you by a Back to Her Roots sponsor My kitchen is mostly filled with whole foods that I gladly cook from scratch for my family (because it makes me happy, not because I think it's "right" or "wrong" to feed your family the way I do)....more

Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge

I'd like to introduce you to a little recipe that we make it our house way more often than I care to admit—coconut oil fudge. It's...more

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

I used to be...more

Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins

This post is brought to you by a Back to Her Roots partner Hi. You see those muffins up top there? The ones that actually look more like cupcakes with their gloriously creamy frosting? ...more

Avocado Bell Pepper Salad

I'm hesitant to even post this recipe because it is so stupendously easy that it really isn't a recipe. But then I remember that I eat this pretty much...more

8 Staple Smoothies You Should Know How to Make

I know it's January. I know it's like -30 degrees outside. Some of you may even have snow (oh snow, how I miss you, come back to me!) ....more