My Morning Elixir

I'm about to get real hippie-dippie, crunchy granola on you. So those of you who maybe aren't on the homeopathic bandwagon, consider yourself...more

3 Ways to Make Green Beer Without Food Coloring

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that green beer isn’t a traditional Irish way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It sounds like just the kind of thing us Americans would do to (put it kindly) make a holiday our own ....more

Dublin Coddle


8 Classic Overnight Oats Recipes You Should Try

This post right here has been a LONG time coming. I first wrote about overnight oats waaayyy back in 2011, and my love for them has never wavered. I've been meaning to get all my favorite overnight oats recipes on the blog for quite some time, and today, it's happening! ...more

One Pot Lemon Orzo with Shrimp

Can we talk a little bit about the busyness trap? You know. That whole thing where, as a society, we compete against each other to see who is the busiest and who deserves our collective pity for being the most overworked and overcheduled? ...more

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Let’s talk about how embarrassing my blog is. Well, not now. I’m actually super proud of my blog baby now-a-days, but go back a few years in my archives? ...more

Coffee Date

If you and I were to go out for coffee...more

Slow Cooker Sriracha Chicken Sliders

If I was really on the ball (HA! Like that ever happens), I would have posted this recipe for you before the Super Bowl, because this is the perfect main course for a big party with all of your football loving friends. Alas, here I am, posting a week late ....more

Parmesan Whole Wheat Crackers

This post is brought to you by a Back to Her Roots partner Back before I had a little nugget running around the house, I was the queen of all things homemade. I made my own marshmallows for s'mores when we went camping. I sewed all my own baby wipes before Juniper was born ....more

Painted Mason Jar Votive Holders

We barely have any Valentine's Day decorations in our house. It isn't that we don't like to decorate for holidays (you should see our house at Christmas!). And it isn't that we're Valentine's haters (I'm a big fan of celebrating love whenever you can) ....more