The view

The view from my friend Alicia’s backyard..taken from inside for obvious reasons. ...more

A little

A little song writing in the sun… ...more

What Destini and

What Destini and I REALLY do when we claim we are working on the cabin… ...more

Just Another Scenic Sunday 5-26-13

This week Destini spent some time in Portland with my oldest daughter, Heather…the snow finally melted at the cabin and we started our summer of work (disguised heavily as play)…and I continue to fall madly in love with our new baby goat Pluto.  I never thought I’d be one of those goat people…I’ve crossed a line somewhere along the way ....more

New Babies!

About an hour ago our dogs began to bark like crazy. I yelled to Mya to go find out what they were barking at and she comes screaming back towards the house… “PICA HAD A BABY, PICA HAD A BABY!” ...more

Into The Woods


Just Another Scenic Sunday 5-4-12

It’s all about Robin this week on Scenic Sunday, as we’ve spent the past week at non-stop track meets followed by prom this evening. Destini fixing up her sister on her first day home from college ....more

Just Another Scenic Sunday 4-21-13

Eagle hovering over dead fish in Ninilchik, Alaska ...more

All He Needs To Know


Frozen Assets

This afternoon I drove down to HOOKED ESPRESSO here in Ninilchik, Alaska.  Hooked is the coffee shop owned by my teen daughter, Destini ....more