China Watch

China really can't help being in the news. It's a huge country and has more people than any other country in the world. The Middle Kingdom has looked inward much of its existence, but is now a major trader. Marco Polo and the Silk Road was the starting point for me in learning about it, beyond the made in China label of the last half century or so. ...more


Liberal Chauvinist Pigs

Since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin became the choice to round out the ...more

What's up with the constant ageism?  You do realize that McCain is older than Biden, right?  ...more

The Power of Palin

Huge TV viewing numbers last night for Gov. Sarah Palin, amazingly nearly matching Barack Obama's tally and far outstripping the viewership for Vice President Joe Biden, who is after all her opponent. Sarah Palin is not running for president. And only six networks carried Palin's speech, vs. 10 for Obama, so her numbers are even more impressive. ...more

I'm a christian-raised hard-working hockey mom with four kids, including an 18 year daughter ...more

Sarah is one of us

All day today the talk was this is Sarah's night. This morning I spoke with a woman from Minnesota. She said, everyone around here knows someone like Sarah, and like Sarah's family. And yes, that makes her success all the more remarkable. Yesterday I met a woman from New Hampshire, she said even the Hillary supporters she knows are enthused about Sarah, and independent women like her style--a mom, a professional and someone who doesn't put up with bullying. ...more

Do you appoint your friends to positions of power because they're qualified?  I bet you do. ...more

Sarah's Shoes!

Fausta and I found each other and are blogging elbow to elbow. We just got back from a press conference, but while I write that up, get the scoop on Sarah's killer red shoes! ...more

All Bloghers?  I have to confess, I own 6 pairs of shoes.  Two pairs of clogs.  Two pairs of ...more

It's Called Democracy

Yes, there have been protests in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I haven't seen too many where I've been, as I have mostly been inside the convention center blogging and tracking down people. ...more

RNC Interview: Blogger Skye at Midnight Blue

Yesterday morning at the RedState/Google Blogger Brunch I met a great woman blogger from Philadelphia, Skye at Midnight Blue. She's a powerhouse photo journalist and has been blogging since 1999. Some of you may know her at BlogHer as Skye posts from time to time. Skye managed to get on the convention floor last night, don't ask how, and filed this. A self-described conservative Democrat, here's our conversation about ...more