Creamy Curried Asparagus Soup

My family has a knack for buying more groceries than we can ever use. The amount of things that spoil and get thrown out is tragic. I know. Shame on me. I was informed last night that the asparagus was was wilting and quickly going into decline. Now, I am not an asparagus fan, never have been really unless its roasted with a little balsamic and lemon juice. Thats about the only way I can enjoy it, well, that and deep fried. The only problem was that since the asparagus was wilty it wasn’t really in the condition to be roasted. So I needed a game plan....more

French Oven New Potatoes with Onion and Fresh Herbs

The amazing thing about food? Even when things are down it's always there for you. It makes you happy again. Hence the term comfort food. The crappy thing about it? After the whole unhappy ordeal you gain 10 pounds and need to buy new jeans. Of course you could just look at that as an excuse to shop more... Anyway, enough about days of unhappiness! Bring on the food! So, I haven't been to inventive lately. I made some cream puffs for my cousin (and they were quite tasty... I snuck 2 or 3), but that was a family recipe. Not mine to give out. To bad so sad. ...more

Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto, Onions, Manchego, Apple, & Pepper Jelly

So.... during my grocery shopping adventure (I'd rather grocery shop than go to the mall... Sad. I know), I found some fresh sourdough that looked and smelled totally deilsh. Good bread deserves to have amazing ingredients in between its tasty slices....more
This sounds delicious! I love prosciutto on grilled cheese and the apple and pepper jelly sound ...more

Poppy Seed Bread Pudding with Slivered Almonds and Vanilla Bean Syrup

I just now finished my fiance's valentine's day gift. Now that I think about it, its 12:50 am so it is valentine's day. I procrastinated a little to much on that one.... Since I'm pretty sure he won't read this until after he receives his gift i'll just let you all know what it is. Home made almond joy candies. And this amazing recipe belongs to none other than Joy the Baker. Now, if you are not familiar with joy the baker, I suggest you google her right now....more

Poppy Seed Trifle with Strawberries and Orange Creme Fraiche

 So, Yesterday I ventured to the grocery store and bought some strawberries. Surprisingly enough they were really good for this time of year. They probably came from Mexico or something... or Chile... or somewhere that is way warmer than northern California. (though I cant complain, I love this weather). ...more

Lavender Scones with Vanilla Bean Icing

So, my first post. I can say for certain that I will not be dedicated to adding to this blog regularly at first since I'm on a hard core diet and striving to stay away from the kitchen. Anything that contains flour, butter, or sugar is totally off limits. Kill me now. Only 3 1/2 months to go and 10 more pounds to lose until the big day. Wish me luck. I need mountains of it. ...more