Strength in Motherhood

I’ve always been proud of my children. From infancy to adult and motherhood, my daughters have amazed and humbled me. I am the proud grandmother of ten precious wonders and each has a special place in my heart.8 lbs 9 oz...more
WHAT!?!?! Well, Suzie Ivy, Hello! So glad Linda Anselmi spilled the beans on Chatter that you ...more

Fight, Flight, and Chase

Everyone should be familiar with fight or flight. This is the mode your body goes into when you are in danger. You experience tunnel vision and your brain zeros in on safety. You won’t even realize you have pumped up adrenaline until you suffer the dump which happens after you’re finally out of danger; shaking, crying, and laughing are a few of the after effects....more
You do have an amazing job and it sounds like you are making peace with your age in it. I am 69 ...more

An Ugly Brown Log

Years ago, I began researching lilies for my backyard pond. I discovered they can only be ordered at a certain time of year and I had to wait nine months to try again. I flagged the website and marked my calendar.With shipping, the cost of my order was $50.00. I was so excited and checked the post office daily. The package finally arrived and inside a small 6 X 4 inch box, wrapped in plastic was my treasure. It was actually quite funny because my anticipated gem was a 4 inch log.My hubby peered over my shoulder with a look of disgust. “What did you pay for it?”...more
Oh, Suzie, how does your garden grow? With love and care, patience and imagination. Your water ...more

Dare to Dream

As a writer I check my Amazon reviews twice a week. Following the rankings, sales, and reviews is addicting so I make myself stay away as long as possible. A few days ago I received a 4 star review for my book Bad Luck Cadet. “Booklover” wrote the following review:...more
 @motherofnine9 I'll take any comparison to HomeRearedChef as the best compliment ever. I love ...more

A Challenge to my BlogHer Friends

Each week, I spend hours researching social media. I'm looking for good ways to publicize my books and blogs, find writer’s resources to improve my writing and locating interesting tidbits about women’s issues....more
 @Bad Luck Detective  No way! :-) You are all equally good! :-)more

My Domestic Violence Ghost

I've been on vacation and visiting my nine grandchildren. They were kissed, hugged, and squeezed to the point of not being able to breathe (them not me). It's never enough and maybe that's why I felt melancholy when I went to bed last night.I spent a week with my awesome children who have become incredible parents. My family is blessed. ...more
Goose Bump Material  :(more

Top Ten Law Enforcement Blog 2012

WOW, what can I say? I was thrilled to be contacted and I've had a speech waiting from years ago when I thought I would win a Grammy Award. That was before I learned that I cannot sing. I kept the speech and updated it a little so it’s ready to go....more
I did I voted long ago :0-)more

My New Most Favorite Blog Site

Have I mentioned how much I love BlogHer. No, I’m not going to the conference and if you’re nice you will stop reminding me that you are going. I’m quite jealous and not above throwing a temper tantrum or two. I carry a gun when I do it so beware. I’ve met so many wonderful friends here, like minded strong women who make me proud every day as I read their amazing work....more
 @gab15th Got there and read - very humorous in a real-life crazy way that I enjoy. more

Safe Sex is Rising (Pun Intended)

I have always been very industrious and it comes in handy with my job. Dealing with sex crimes means I handle some pretty nasty evidence. One of the most common are used condoms. I don’t think twice anymore as I collect these little suckers.Even if I’m not working a sex crime, I seem to be the queen condom eliminator. Vehicle and house searches uncover a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If one of our big burly officers comes in contact with a used willy warmer they freak. I stroll up and dispose of the offending love glove with a latex covered hand and an eye roll. ...more
 @gab15th Thank you! I've learned tagging is very important :-)more

The 2012 Garbage Can Attack

Summer is coming and school will be out soon. This means the teachers get a break and we (parents and police) work harder. Every year we have what’s known as the senior prank which happens in the weeks preceding graduation. Our police department waits with bated breath to see what this year’s class will come up with....more
I love it when kids have good fun and I stopped trying to figure their brains out a while ago LOLmore