Why you should never date anyone you meet watching the Olympics

It was about 2 years ago today that I had my cab door slammed shut with complete disinterest in me by a bearded, albinoish, Canadian twenty six year old who looked like a past or future contestant of “Survivor”.  How did this happen to me?Please take this quiz....more

Hey, dude–no, seriously, I don’t know your name.

I went out with this guy but I didn’t know his name. So I kept on calling him “Hey dude.” I tried to read his driver’s license when he went to the bathroom on a date, but his name was in Japanese. So I continued to call him “dude.” For two months.–From the desk of Liz B....more

My Relationships are Nations You Want to Leave

Keep on truckin’!”  I say, in a telephone conversation where my friend has asked me how I felt about a boy I had broken up with, who was neither a friends with benefits or a real relationship....more

Sex, Lies, and Pictures of Sick Cats. (Part 1)

The story that started BadDateGreatStory.com It was 2008, I was six months out of my first serious relationship, and the closest thing to “dating” I was doing was two coffee gatherings with a writer (shocking) 14 years my senior, who never called again but did send me adorable slash mildly exploitative photos of his hospitalized cat (see: image here: http://baddategreatstory.com/?p=879). On top of this, word on the street (ie: facebook) was my ex was dating someone seriously, and I thought: well these times, they are getting pretty desperate....more

Get me outta this carpet!

I would like to bring it to your attention that I have in the SAME month, had two different guys online write to me and say that they would like to ‘roll me up in a carpet and take me to Persia where we would fly over the pyramids and I would be treated like a princess.’...more

Dating as a Metaphor

I teach Rhetoric & Composition to 18 year old college freshman, but to keep things interesting (for them; for me) I also think of the class as Life 101.Today’s lesson involved How to Evaluate the Appropriateness of a Source for Your Research Paper.  And half way through, things started to devolve....more