Great Moments In ESL History

 What’s “ESL” you ask?  That’s “English as a Second Language.”My baby daddy, G, has lived in the U.S. for so long and his English is so perfect that I sometimes forget that Portuguese is his first language.  This morning was NOT one of those moments....more

Something Broke Here a While Ago

Six or seven months ago, as I walked to my office one morning, I saw a man from the grounds crew chopping up azalea plants by the sidewalk.  My first reaction was horror–those plants were perfectly healthy.  While I stood there on the sidewalk with my mouth hanging open, the man turned to me and shrugged.  He spread his arms out wide over the wreckage then shook his head with resigned disgust.“Somebody plowed right through here last night.”Oh....more

Why My Family Talked During the National Moment of Silence

Thursday at 7 p.m., thousands of Americans gathered together at vigils in memory of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the other people who have lost their lives in incidents of police brutality. As those crowds drew together to observe a moment of silence, my family talked. ...more
zeewrites Amen.more

A Life Made of Crumbs

Image courtesy PixabayIn this story, I will attempt to weave together a stale Nutrigrain bar, a trip to Bermuda, the loneliness of mothering...more

Let Her Go

The Empty Boat


With This Ring

Image courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art ...more

Boys Who Like Boys

“I will never leave him. It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me.If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have. But there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth....more

A Black Dress in the Closet

Tonight, while Vivi and I were picking out her clothes for tomorrow, my hand brushed across this black dress hanging in her closet, a dress she's never worn.  Size 7, light hounds tooth with a smocked bodice, a sash, and a lace trimmed color....more
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Moving On

After Richard died and left our house to me in his will, many people assumed that I would be selling it.  As one friend put it, "It will be easier for you to move on with your life if you're not still in this place."...more