Closet Trauma: Cleaning Out The Clutter

First of all, I only know 3 women who don't enjoy shopping....we're not friends, I just know them. Kidding but I try not to admit that I know they don't like shopping. As a fashion blogger with a focus on shoes, I love to shop. Sale is the best 4 letter word in the English language & retailers welcome me back to their stores by my first name....more

Cleaning Out The Closet

Back in April, I started working towards cleaning out the closet and I attached a link party to it.  The goal for me was to go through all the nonsense in my closet & work my way through it one day at a time.  Whatever I couldn't wear or wouldn't wear, I would trash, donate or sell.  Well, here it is June & I love the series and will continue to do it but the closet really just got on my nerves. ...more

Who Took That Picture? Fashion Bloggers

I love checking out other fashion bloggers, I always look at them & wonder who took that picture? I also like blogging support groups. It sounds like an addiction, I guess like any other addiction, blogging comes with its down side. It's got a huge learning curve. When I first started blogging, I rarely took a photo. I'll be honest, I'm a much better wordsmith than I am a photographer. The thought of always being "on" to take pictures of myself was really a bit of a pain. ...more
Curlybyrdie I wish I had that luxury frequently.  My kids are adults & being single, I've ...more

Fashion Tips for Women Over 40

Not so long ago, I was having lunch with a friend and she looked across at me & asked "What celebrity would you say your style is most like?" I looked at her as if she'd just had an alien land on her face. ...more

Strategically Planning for The Day After Christmas Shopping

Once my kids became teenagers, the days of running out Christmas shopping early, hiding gifts & going on late night wrapping frenzies ended. We created a new tradition. We each have 1 gift under the tree and then on December 26, we shop till we drop. If you were to install a nanny cam in our home, you’d think we should be wearing camo and have our faces painted up. Its like the shopping war room when the planning starts. ...more