wild mushroom tart

did you know that some people don’t like mushrooms? it’s...more

mandel bread (chocolate chip biscotti)

this post is comin’ atcha from israel! i’m here for a week, walking around, visiting friends, and enjoying the ambience. but most of all, i’m in foodie heaven ....more

lemon ricotta cheesecake with blueberry sauce

it’s time for another...more

double dark chocolate gelato

it’s finally warm enough to start making ice cream again, and i’ve already got a few new flavors that i’m really excited to share with you. but this one is definitely the one i am most excited about right now. it’s nothing fancy, and doesn’t sound so exciting – we’ve all had chocolate ice cream......more

asparagus and potato gribiche


key lime pie macarons

it has been a really long time since i posted a macaron recipe, and this is one that i had been wanting to test out for quite a while. key lime pie is awesome. i’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it ....more

baked french toast


churro ice cream sandwiches

while everyone else was celebrating memorial day this weekend, i was celebrating the jewish holiday of shavuot. as i’m sure you remember from last year, shavuot is the only jewish holiday where it is traditional to eat dairy, so it’s pretty much a cheesecake and ice cream free-for-all. a couple of weeks ago, when i......more

oreo truffle pops

oreo truffles. it’s one of those recipes that is so easy, it’s embarrassing. like, when people ask me what’s in them, i kind of don’t want to answer because people are expecting some super fancy response,...more