Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

For every time you want an elaborate layer cake for a celebration, there are a half dozen times when you want a simpler cake as an everyday dessert. This Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting is a great everyday cake. It is quick and easy to make, with a no-fuss presentation that means you won’t be spending any more time than necessary in the kitchen decorating it ....more

How to Make a Whiskey Sour

If you enjoy whiskey cocktails, there is one classic one that should not be overlooked: the whiskey sour. This is a simple cocktail that has been on the books for well over a century (the earliest official recipe dates back to the 1860s, but unofficial versions predate that by decades) and it is just as satisfying now as it was then, if not moreso. The cocktail is generally made with bourbon, but can be made with other whiskeys as well, and blends the spirit with lemon juice, simple syrup (a 1:1 mixture of water and sugar) and egg white ....more

Bites from other Blogs

Stone fruit season is upon us and that means that you should be incorporating peaches, plums and other wonderful fruits into some of your summer desserts. Courtney’s Kitchen baked up an easy Peach Blueberry Crisp that showcases both of these wonderful fruits. The crisp is very easy to make, with a base primarily made of fruit and only lightly sweetened (because in-season fruits are so naturally sweet) and a topping made with brown sugar, oats, flour and coconut oil ....more

Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

I like all kinds of donuts, but will always have a soft spot in my heart for the twisted variety, as the donut shop closest to my house growing up was known for their exceptionally light, yeast-raised twist donuts and I indulged in them whenever I could. I enjoy making baked donuts these days and have a couple of pans in my pantry that make them in various sizes, though most are round. If you happen to be a fan of both twisty donuts and baked donuts, consider adding this...more

Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a chocolate dessert, but special occasions often call for one because it never hurts to have something both decadent and impressive when celebrating. In Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes, you’ll find plenty of recipes that will satisfy your craving for chocolate and put the perfect finishing touch on any event you might be celebrating. The book begins with an detailed introduction to the equipment, tools and ingredients that you might want to stock in your kitchen ....more

Barrel Aged Vanilla Ice Cream

The other day, I posted instructions on how to make barrel-aged vanilla extract at home. The aged extract is delicious on its own, far more so than regular vanilla extracts, but you might need some ideas on how to showcase this special extract once you’ve made it. I recommend substituting it for regular vanilla in a recipe where vanilla is the star ....more

Mocha Chip Brownies

These Mocha Chip Brownies may seem simple at first glance, but their short ingredient list only means that they are easy to make, not lacking in flavor. They are some of the most delicious brownies that I’ve had in a while – so tasty that I made two batches in two days just to meet the demand of my tasters. These brownies have just the right amount of coffee flavor to support all that chocolate, bringing a balanced mocha flavor to each bite ....more

How to Make A Classic Daiquiri

A daiquiri is a fantastic cocktail that has been finding its way back into the spotlight over the past couple of years. Though it was absent from cocktail bar menus for a couple of decades, the drink has a very long history. The drink was supposedly invented in Cuba around the turn of the 20th century, then brought back to New York by American fans, where it gained popularity in local nightclubs and bars ....more

Bites from other Blogs

Though I ate many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches while I was in school, I’m still a fan of this classic combination. With schools now heading back into session (in most areas), consider trying a different format for this classic lunchtime favorite, such as Food Fanatic‘s Peanut Butter And Jelly Muffins....more

Cherry Almond Biscotti with Chocolate Chips

One of the types cookies to fill up your cookie jar is biscotti. They’re not only delicious, but these twice-baked cookies have a fantastic shelf life, which means that one batch will provide you with at least a week’s worth of snacks (and that’s if you’re sharing!). Biscotti are also incredibly versatile, as you can make them in a wide variety of flavors ....more