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Donut holes are small, round donuts that we tend to assume are made with the leftover dough when you cut out traditional ring donuts. And while this is the usual way to make donut holes, it isn’t the only way. Kitchen Konfidence cooked up a batch of donut holes in a recipe for Cinnamon Chile de Arbol Donut Holes ....more

Limited Edition S’mores Oreos, reviewed

A single look at the S’mores tag on Baking Bites will tell you that I’ve had a soft spot for s’mores and s’mores-related goodies. When I heard that Oreo was releasing a limited edition S’mores Oreo this summer, I kept my eyes peeled until I found it on store shelves (I found this box at Target) so that I could give them a try. The cookies are made with a graham cracker wafer cookie and have two flavors of filling in the center, giving them a look that is very much like a classic s’more ....more

The Dipr

One of my favorite after school snacks growing up was cookies and milk. I would dunk all kinds of cookies in milk, letting the milk soften part of the cookie so that I could get both the soft portion and the crispy/chewy portion in my mouth in one single bite. I would dunk cookies in cold milk during the summer and hot chocolate in the winter ....more

Honey Glazed Buttermilk Biscuits

Biscuits are always a good accompaniment to a meal. They’re not only easy to make, but they’re delicious and versatile enough to compliment many different types of food. I bake biscuits all year round, but I find that I bake them slightly more often during the summer, when I can use the leftovers to make shortcakes with fresh, in-season berries ....more

Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break

It’s nice to take a coffee break at some point during your day. It gives you a chance to refresh your mind, taking it off of your work for a few minutes, and to recharge your batteries. It also presents the opportunity to have a little snack, whether you’re having your coffee break between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner ....more

Introducing Modern Tiki, a Tiki Cocktail Blog

Tiki drinks have a long history that dates back to Los Angeles in the 1930s – and the original tiki drinks are not the syrupy sweet blended drinks that you might remember from the 1970s. Historically, tiki drinks were made with fresh tropical juices, homemade syrups and plenty of rum (often very high quality rum, at that), which means that they fit the definition of “craft cocktail” long before that phrase became trendy. I love the fun, tropical feel of tiki drinks and the history of tiki in general, and that is what inspired me to write my newest cookbook ....more

The Best Cashew Cookies

Cashews are slightly sweet with a wonderfully buttery, nutty flavor. They are crunchy when roasted, but that buttery sweetness comes through no matter how you prepare them. Cashews are a bit more expensive than some other nuts, such as peanuts or almonds, but cashew fans will tell you that the higher price tag is well worth if for their unique flavor ....more

Baking Bites for Craftsy: DIY Bananas Foster

Bananas foster is one of my favorite retro desserts because it is easy to make, fun to make and tastes delicious. The recipe dates back to 1950s New Orleans, which was a shipping hub for bananas at the time. A clever chef combined fresh bananas with brown sugar, butter and booze, then served the mixture over a scoop of ice cream ....more

Cook’s Country Taste Tests Unsweetened, Shredded Coconut

I love baking with coconut, from coconut cookies to coconut cream pies. My kitchen is always stocked with bags of shredded coconut. A few years ago, you could only find sweetened, shredded coconut at the grocery store ....more

Brown Sugar Whoopie Pies with Dulce de Leche Filling

Whoopie pies are absolutely delicious when they are done well, but can be downright boring when they are not. A bad whoopie pie might be bland or dry, with not enough filling to compliment the amount of cake surrounding it. The cake-like sandwich cookies should be moist and tender, but still strong enough to support a generous amount of frosting without falling apart when you go to take a bite ....more