Welcome to Choctoberfest

I’ve teamed up with more than 60 other bloggers to create, make, and post (and eat!) fabulous Chocolate recipes for what we’re calling Choctoberfest! So much better than Octoberfest in my opinion! It’s not that I dislike beer, but when given the option of beer or chocolate I’ll choose chocolate any day ....more

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic Inspires Creatives

I read a lot of non-fiction. Much more than I read fiction. I haven’t posted about a book I’ve read in awhile, but Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is compelling me to tell you about it ....more

When The Towers Came Down

* I wrote this on the 10th anniversary, but the memory is still as fresh today. Ten years, amazing how fast it seems that this time has gone. I’m sure it seems an eternity for the families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 ....more

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars

My mother gave me a copy of Food Network magazine – something she knows I would love but wouldn’t spend the money on myself. The issue that I got has a pull out recipe guide to make 50 different brownies and bars — and they have a photo of every one! Man, they look good ....more

My Bento Box Collection

I have a thing for school lunch bento boxes. I ended up with a collection of them in an attempt to find the best one. Over the years I’ve bought new ones in the hopes they would be the perfect solution for my school lunch box dilemma — some are, and some are a waste […] The post My Bento Box Collection appeared first on Balancing Motherhood ....more

15 Marvelous Muffin Recipes

Muffins don’t last long in my house. I bake them and they are gone in about two days — if I’m lucky!...more

Refreshing and Simple Vodka Cocktails

There are three drinks in this photo. I will neither confirm nor deny drinking all three of these simple and refreshing vodka cocktails. Did I say there were delicious? ...more

Simple No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Oh my gosh. These are so good. I mean, I can’t even tell you how good they are ....more

‘Best Baby Food’ Recipes

I got asked if I wanted to review a new book about baby food, The Best Baby Food. While we don’t have babies in the house any longer I thought it would be good to look at for my friends and readers who have little ones. I was pleasantly surprised by this cookbook ....more

5 Things I’m Balancing Right Now

I haven’t been balancing work, life, blog very well lately, thus the lack of a recent post so I thought I’d write a 5 Things entry today to let you know what I’ve been up to. 1. My daughter graduated Kindergarten today. We are so excited for her and can’t believe that we no longer […] The post 5 Things I’m Balancing Right Now appeared first on Balancing Motherhood ....more