Does there have to be a spark??

Let’s talk about sex.  So mom, if you are reading this, please stop right here and click the little “x” on the upper right part of your screen.   ...more

Year-round Christmas Shopping

So, we recently got through the Christmas in July sales, and I believe I even saw some summer “Black Friday” marketing attempts by a retailer that rhymes with Farget.  Is this crazy?  Yes…and no.  Although I am not alone in being someone who shops for Christmas gifts all year long, I know that folks who join me in this madness are few and far between.  Most of the time, I get comments like “You’re crazy” when I tell people about my early Christmas shopping habit.  However, if you’ve read my blog about grocery shopping and dinner lists, you can probably understand a ...more

Facebook messages for non Facebookers

My youngest daughter turned seven this past weekend, and we celebrated with a pool party and a trip to Lion Country Safari.  On the night before her birthday, I went into her bedroom to tuck her in and sat down and asked her to stop aging and to stay six forever.  She giggled and told me that she loved me.  I then continued our nightly ritual by saying, “I love you more.”  And she ended with, “I love you most.”  (Yes, this is from Tangled.)  The following morning, I woke up, made some coffee, and posted the number 7 as my Facebook status.  I also changed m...more

The “Annoying” Mommy Blogger/Tweeter

I have recently discovered Twitter, and yes, I know that I am extremely late to the party.   I joined Twitter so that I could follow some of my favorite bloggers out there.  The funny one liners, the blog updates and blog conference references are just a few of the reasons why Twitter has become more fun than Facebook for me.  However, there is one downfall in particular that I’d like to address, and that is the annoying Mommy blogger.  There are so many truly funny bloggers out there, but then there are the “copycat” bloggers who think they are funny, but fall shor...more

ReVah Wine

 There are tons of moms out there who rely on wine to help them with the daily grind that is motherhood.  I am not one of these moms simply because I have a ridiculously low tolerance.  A simple glass of wine with dinner has the potential to make for a very embarrassing night for anyone who happens to be with me.  I’m not sure how I became such a lightweight, but it is what it is. ...more

Toys Toys and more toys!!

I'm not sure how my girls don't feel like they are drowning each time they enter their bedrooms.  There are toys everywhere!!  I know that most kids' rooms aren't clean, and I don't really expect them to be as tidy as the rest of the house.  But I'm not joking when I tell you that last year, my youngest daughter hid an Easter egg in her room (a real one) and we didn't find it until 3 months later, resting in a corner underneath about 10 stuffed animals. Anyway, the closets are probably the worst.  They are stacked with toys upon toys upon toys....more

Road Trip: From Florida to New Jersey 2014

I cannot believe it’s been a year since our Puerto Rico trip!  I wish I could post to the “Travel with Children” section of my blog more frequently, but until I hit the lottery, one vacation per year is all I can manage. ...more

Martha Stewart Living Wall Unit

So, I have had this ugly green storage bin resting on the carpet next to my desk for about five years.  It contained photos, magazines, stickers, laminated pages and various other things yet to be determined....more