Thrift Store Shopping: Is It Worth the Deal?

Over the holiday season, I needed some fabric to make some Christmas crafts with my children.  Rather than drive all the way to the fabric store, I decided to visit the local thrift shop.  I scored some great deals on fabric and also left with a Christmas sweater that I would later tear up to use for the crafts as well. After our family craft time was over, we marveled at the beautiful things we were able to make with the thrift store fabric.  However, a short while later, I started feeling guilty about my purchase. ...more

Embrace Health

The New Year has begun, and with that, so has the exercise uprising.  I have lived a healthy lifestyle for quite a few years now, so getting fit is never on my resolution list.  With that said, I am proud of our society as, in more recent years, the focus is slowly turning toward health and fitness.  I applaud those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than a sporadic dieting lifestyle....more

The Mini Vacation

It’s a new year!  And that means that writing a new vacation blog is in my near future.  Last year, I was extremely excited about this year’s vacation, as it was supposed to be a trip to Ireland.  However, there were many factors that played into the reason why we will not be heading over to the Emerald Isle this year.  To me, one of the most important things about travel is the ability to remember it.  I use my youngest daughter as a barometer for when it comes time to book a trip to Europe.  My test is simple.  I ask her a few questions about the va...more

My 10 Year Old is an Atheist

A few weeks ago, my ten year old daughter proclaimed that she is an atheist.  My daughter is not one to take a stand on something without doing her research.  Just last year, after watching Blackfish, she did about a month’s worth of internet research, wrote a non-fiction children’s book about whales, and she told me that she will never step foot in a Sea World park ever again (not just Sea World, but any park that Sea World owns).  She was nine at the time.  So, when she announced that she believes in science, rather than God, I knew that she had already made up her min...more
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More Elf on the Shelf Ideas (with a note to the haters)

This isn’t really a blog, as it is more of a collection of my favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas.  Most of these are original, but I also put my own spin on some of my favorites from other Elf on the Shelfers.  ...more

Audrey Brooke Cici Leather Flat

The List Phenomenon

“8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately”“11 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucky Charms”“3 Reasons to Never Open a Bank Account”“7 Reasons to Never Drink Bottled Water Again”“Top Ten Reasons Why Bottled Water is a Blessing”“7 Evidence Based Health Reasons to Eat Meat”“10 Reasons to Stop Eating Meat”“6 Reasons to Use Organic Makeup”...more

In the Moment

Growing up, I was a cheerleader, played softball, sang in the school’s chorus and musical productions, went on class trips, and participated in numerous high school clubs.  For all of these events and those that I have forgotten, my parents were there rooting me on, sometimes with a camera and sometimes without.  Sure, I have lots of old photos documenting things like vacations, prom, birthday parties and graduation.  But making memories back then relied heavily on being present.  Most of my childhood memories are stored in my brain and are just for me.  Whoever sha...more
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I Said the Wrong Thing Today

This morning, I took my nine-year-old daughter out for our regular Saturday morning bike ride. We make a habit of riding around town for about three miles. This morning, we chose to ride on the sidewalk....more

Does there have to be a spark??

Let’s talk about sex.  So mom, if you are reading this, please stop right here and click the little “x” on the upper right part of your screen.   ...more