Behold, The Power of Advertising

The Big One is at his grandparents' house this week.  This morning, I get a text from him (he has an iPod touch).  No hello, no hi mom, just "There is this thing I want called slushy magic."...more

The Kindergarten Cut-Off Dilemma

I’ve been running around the last few weeks buying school supplies for The Big One to start 3rd grade at the end of the summer. I’m a bargain hunter (never pay retail!), so I’ve been buying a little here and a little there, whenever I find a good deal. And every so often, as I’m getting him ready for school, I realize that The Little One could have been starting kindergarten in the fall too. Maybe. See, try as I might to get him born earlier, he was evicted born 13 days after the cut off date. 13 stinking days....more
I am faced with the opposite dilemma.  My daughter is a month ahead of the cut-off and I'm just ...more