If You Are A True EDM Fan You Will Love The Electro Funk Sound Of Rising Star Grace Valerie

If you are a true EDM fan you will love the electro funk sound of rising star Grace Valerie’s music. Valerie is on track to be the next big thing that EDM fans are craving! A Dance-Pop superstar in her own right, Grace Valerie will have fans hitting the dance floor all night long! Her talent is limitless, as is the effort that she puts into her music and her artistry. She is a singer, songwriter and master performer all wrapped in one; as a music lover and critic I wouldn’t be mad if that was my present for Christmas....more

New Music Video From Adult Contemporary Singer Cory Charles Is Getting National Play On The Cool TV

The new music video from Adult Contemporary singer Cory Charles is getting national play on TheCoolTV. The video is for his new single “If I Could Change Anything It Would Be You”, which stars Cory and the gorgeous model Erika Jordan portraying the funny but true parts about relationships. The first time I heard the song, I was an instant fan!...more

Christina Aguilera Fans Had Better Watch Out For Dance-Pop Rising Star Grace Valerie

Christina Aguilera fans had better watch out for Dance-Pop rising star Grace Valerie! Grace Valerie is a truly amazing artist with a mesmerizing stage presence that inspires her fans and others to dance until they can’t dance anymore. She is an amazing musician with endless amounts of talent and is poised to be the next rising star in the music industry.   ...more

Amazing Breakout Band The Bergamot Will Draw You In With Beautiful New Single

Indie- Folk Rock duo, The Bergamot is a breath of fresh air for all music lovers. It’s exceedingly rare to stumble upon new music that you truly love and want to soak in, but The Bergamot seems to change all that. A true music fan, someone who truly appreciates artistry, will be stoked to find out about The Bergamot. They have just released their new single “Forget About Tomorrow” on May 12, 2015 from their highly anticipated album “Tones”. You can buy the new single on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/iTunes-ForgetAboutTomorrow....more

Grace Valerie Will Work Dance Magic When She Brings Her Infectious Beats To The Tiger Heat Party at Club Avalon

Grace Valerie will work dance magic when she brings her infectious beats to the Tiger Heat party at Club Avalon. In the run-up to the release of her newest single Magic, which will be released later this month, Grace Valerie will be the latest to join the impressive roster of stars who have performed at Hollywood’s wildest party. With already over a million views on YouTube and over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter, Grace Valerie is proving to be the next big thing in the Pop/ Dance music scene. In 2010, the burgeoning singer/songwriter joined forces with the great Randy Jackson....more

The New And Beautiful Voice Of Pop and Rock Is Here: Danielle Antonio!

The new and beautiful voice of pop and rock is none other than Danielle Antonio, and her new single shatters all expectations! Antonio is an expert storyteller and songwriter that laces these talents with a beautiful voice, and the effect is amazing. I became a fan as soon I listened to her old album “New Elements” and I haven’t doubted her since. Her new single “Freedom and Philosophy” follows in the wake of an already stellar album and shatters the notion that artists can’t get better with time....more

Alan Hewitt, Keyboardist For The Moody Blues, Set To Release Incredible New Album

Keyboardist for The Moody Blues, Alan Hewitt, is set to release an incredible new album as Alan Hewitt & One Nation. I have always been an avid fan of Alan Hewitt’s work, especially his knack for songwriting. Hewitt is a renowned multi-platinum composer, writer and producer, with lots of years of experience under his belt. I am a hundred percent sure that this next body of work will live up to and surpass all expectations....more