Lost in translation

"Mom, where is he!!!""Where's who?""Dad, he's not here,and they are closing down the gym and shutting off the lights!"Taking the phone away from my ear, I flashed on two things. Gary would never just leave Jennifer at her volleyball game (I'd just gotten home from work when I got this annoyed, panicked call), so he must be:a. deadb. mugged in the parking lot and almost dead or...more

Guys are weird, Part V1

"Mom, guys are so weird." I guess I'll have to turn the radio off more often, as it seems to encourage my daughter to talk more on the way to school. At any rate, I said yes, and it really doesn't get any better. After knowing Gary for 25 years, yes, he still does stuff that surprises me, pleases me, annoys me or has me scratching my head. I told her this and asked her then, what was she referring to?...more

I want to be a 60s child

Jennifer is pretty frustrated she was born in 1993, making her 16 this next Saturday.She'd rather the birthday read something like 1943, making her in her 20s during the love, sex and rock and roll 60s.We had just finished watching the History Channel's take on Woodstock, and we were both impressed, both with Woodstock and the 60s in general. ...more


Wanna get a tree?

This said at about 3:30 pm friday night as the temp was dropping and snow clouds were threatening. Okay, fine. We usually do this with dad, but fine. We are woman. So off we go, and it takes us 3x to get up the driveway into Pfaff's x-mas tree farm in KEnt. We're not even sure if they are still open at this hour. ...more

Mom, for once, keep your opinions on God to yourself

Attended a Christmas party this weekend where the issue of raising daughters and God came up. ...more

I hate being the mediator sometimes.

My husband had just about had enough of my 15 year old daugher's mouthing off.   She was in a bad mood last night, as he took her home from the b-ball game early to finish off her homework. Complaining all the other friends were staying, she then wanted to stop at Taco Bell, to which he said no.    They both came in the door in a bad mood, and then Jennifer promptly declared there was nothing to eat in the entire house. Soup? no Veggies? nixed. I offered to heat up some healthy choice meal, no to that too.  ...more

Not too much of a zoo, considering

Especially when compared with the poor guy who was killed in NYC during a WalMart opening. Jennifer and I decided NOT to be insane this year, so we got up at 5:45 am, rather than 3 am, and headed out around 7 am, then down to kent (washington) station (only bath and body works was open, the rest of the fools didn't think it worth the effort to open the doors at 7 am), and then on to the mall and Kohls. ...more

When are compliments creepy?

That was buzzing through my mind this am, as I was driving Jennifer to school. A 20-something in a pickup truck rolled down his window, and seemed to want to talk to us as we were pulling up to 15th St, one of Auburn's main roads. Thinking he was wanting directions, J. obliged, although my spidey sense was tingling at this time. He just said, she was really beautiful, rolled up his window and drove on. ...more

Vampire books, a gateway drug

I had to stand up for the Twilight series on my Facebook page, as all my journo friends dissed it as drivel. Yes, my daughter Jennifer and I are going to go see it tonight, or maybe tomorrow if she's too tired from basketball practice. She had wanted to go at midnight today, but I nixed that as I had to show up to work with a clear head, or at least a brain that functioned and she had a biology quiz today. So no go. ...more

Questions that Make My Head Explode for $800, Alec

Mom, what does that mean? This question sort of took me off guard, as a. we were watching TV at home, not an R movie in the theaters, and b. as I recall, it was a comedy. PG-13 to boot. Anyway, the question : What is the s-word, rhymes with lobotomy? In the few heartbeats it took me to answer that, a few options came to mind. A. pretend my cell is buzzing B. pretend I didn't hear her C. tell her to go ask her dad (really not an option) D. let her find out from her friends by Googling the word. (really, really not an option) ...more