The Joy of Bee-ing - A Joyful Exercise

 Had a tough week?Try this exercise in joyfulness.First take 3 deep breaths to clear away as much of that dark energy as you can. ...more

Get in Touch with Your Masculine Side - Book a Prana Play Date!

I have a girlfriend whom I trust immensely.  She has a big heart, and she’s highly intuitive.  She sent me an e-mail that said I have to meet this young guy who’s a friend of hers.  She said he and I are both on similar journeys, and we could learn a lot from each other....more

Honor Your Prana - Create a Prana Playlist

Your prana, or life force, is lighting your path by giving you messages of guidance every day.   All you have to do is listen!When you can’t find your path through words, there’s another even more powerful tool of energy -- music!My prana playlist isn’t organized by genre, but by feelings and emotions.There’s my inspirational playlist, my girl power playlist, my love hurts playlist and my creative expression playlist.I didn’t search out these special songs.  They found me....more

How to Honor Your Prana - Create a Daily Prana Ritual

Since I started my own business a few months ago, one of my biggest challenges has been staying focused.Don’t misunderstand.  I have a very clear vision and a detailed business plan.   I know I have the talent, passion, drive and resilience to succeed.   It’s all about planning the work and working the plan, right?What I didn’t factor into my business plan, was the strength of my Prana....more

Change is in the Air - Is it Chaos or Light?

The headline in Monday’s USA Today says it all: “In Historic Shift, Women Take Lead Role in Olympics.”As I read this, the synchronicity of this message hit me. I’m hearing it in education, from my children’s principal, who says the new core competencies are collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.I’m reading about it in business publications, which state that the best leaders are the best listeners....more

Why I Like to Cry

A few nights ago, I had a wonderful dinner with 3 of the best friends I have.  I call them my soul family because we have the greatest supportive conversations, and there's so much love between us, even though we met less than a year ago. We are 2 females, and 2 males, and we are as different as the sun and the moon -- yet, we are simply perfect together.  As I was driving home after dinner, I found myself crying....more

Venus Transit is Reminder to Tap our Feminine Side

I was taking a new yoga class the other day and just as I was trying to balance during a pose, my teacher smiled and said, “You have ballet hands.”  “Really?” I said with surprise.  “I haven’t danced in ages.”“Why not?”Her question threw me off balance.  In fact, it bothered me for days.Why haven’t I danced in ages?...more

Zen and the Art of Hair Brushing

This morning, I’m running behind schedule.  My daughter refused to get up for school, so I threatened her:   “If you don’t get up by the count of 3, I’m going to hug you so hard, we fall off the bed!”  Usually this trick works the first time, but I had to fall off the bed 3x today!  OOOUCCHH!Finally she got up, got dressed and ate her breakfast....more

Will You Be My SFF?

Pranatude has been an idea in my mind for nearly 10 years.  I always wanted to create a special experience for seekers – one that would help them reach spirit, strengthen spirit and put spirit to work in their daily lives....more

10 Signs That You're Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

I was inspired by a blog I read recently on the "25 Warning Signs That You Hate Your Job."  I've definitely been there, which is why I quit an unfulfilling career to form my own business.  It's a scary proposition, but I know I did the right thing.How do I know?  There are telltale signs every day, and they are unmistakable.Here are my Top 10 Signs You're Fulfilling Your Life Purpose:...more