My Week with Hegai & Esther's Asta Gel Liners

One whole week wearing just smokey eyes and a nude lip can be every boring. Thank goodness I had the 5 Asta gel liner shades to keep me company. A whole week wearing makeup to work is a feat for me and I must applaud Hegai & Esther for pulling that off on me, lol....more

My Everyday Makeup Techniques & Favourite Products

A winged liner look has been synonymous with retro makeup looks as far back as I can remember. Even Marilyn Munroe had a slightly winged liner to support her famous red lip look. There have however been variations of the winged liner over the years and I find it relatively difficult keeping up with all of them. Imagine this here, so tell me, how am I supposed to keep up?...more

Makeup Tips 'n' Tricks: The Tinted Moisturiser and The 5-minute Makeup Trick

What do you think of models? They have the body, the walk, the face and the fame. They have other minor challenges they face too but of course we do not know what they are....more

How To: Long Lasting Lipstick

Every lady knows that a well applied lip colour can make of break her entire look whether going out on a date, just hanging out with friends, lounging at the beach or even going to work. There are several tips and tricks handed down over the years as regards getting your lipstick to last all day. At the risk of getting lost in the blogosphere, I would like to share my own tips to long lasting lipstick.I actually put up a picture of a lipstick look I had on 2 weeks ago. My lipstick lasted for 15 hours and I promised to share my application tips....more
That's  a beautiful lip color! I've heard all the tricks about making traditional lipsticks stay ...more

Brush Review: Gifty's Professional Brush Set

Last year, I got the opportunity to review one of the very few Nigerian professional makeup brush sets available. It was my very first sponsored review and I was really excited about it....more