A Fond Farewell Video And A Surprise Video!

Deb and Barbara: It's with tears in our eyes that we post this last (for now!) Blogging Out Loud. Thanks for the amazing comments throughout the week. You guys are the BEST! ...more

Dear Blog Family

Dear Blog Family,With conflicted feelings whirling around us, we have come to the difficult decision to stop our regular blogging on The Middle Ages. We need you all to know that we did not in any way, shape, or form come to this lightly. In fact, we spent many hours talking back and forth, considering our options. ...more

Change Is Good.

Five Crazy Things: Colour

The Shifting Truth

Deb Skates Again!

Teacher’s Pet

Deb: Colin and I attended a seminar on Saturday to better inform us of my Dad’s medical issues. It was two-and-a-half hours of information. It was fabulous and it transformed me. I thought I had a good handle on things, but this class just upped my game and reminded-slash-taught me that there is always more to learn and more to conquer ....more

Dear Dear Abby