Zombie Marketing

“The average American worker has fifty interruptions a day, of which seventy percent have nothing to do with work.”  – W. Edwards Deming  You might have noticed, zombies have become a popular part of our cultural landscape.  The continuing interest in zombie-themed movies, TV shows and even events seems to keep growing with no end in sight.  As a marketer, it got me thinking about places where “Walking Dead” might be appropriate for certain marketing tactics. ...more

7 Secrets For Leaving Better Voicemail Messages

If you’re like most business people, you leave voicemail messages all day long but you’re rarely given much thought to how you’re doing it.  Voicemail can be a great way to save time, but it can also create unintended negative results if you’re unaware of a few bad habits.  Here are 7 secrets to leaving better voicemail messages. ...more

5 Google Results You Want

Today every business exists in two worlds simultaneously – the online world and the offline world.  Even if a company has done absolutely nothing online, their lack of any presence still says something about them.  And odds are, there are people talking about them anyway, they just don’t know it. There are certain categories of information that you want to come up when people are checking out your business online.  After you review this list you might want to do a quick Google search to see how many of these you have covered. ...more

Social Media Q&A

How to Hire Out Your Social MediaBusy entrepreneurs often find out it’s not always best to do everything themselves.  Embracing a new social media program can put unnecessary demands on a business that hasn’t thought ahead about how to manage the increase in workflow.  Here are some common questions and answers around when and how to hire out social media work.When is it time to hire someone to manage your social media?...more

Barbara's Travel Tips

When you travel a lot like I do, you come to depend on habits and tips to keep everything going smoothly.  Recently while I was at 30,000 feet I started thinking about my very best practices that make the biggest difference in my travel experiences.  ...more

How do you create great slogan ideas?

Great slogans can elevate a company from ho hum to world class.  Who can forget sayings like "Where's the beef?", "We try harder" or "Just do it".  A truly great slogan encapsulates a company's point of difference in an engaging and succinct way.  It makes people notice and it makes them remember....more

Grow Your Business With Article Marketing

Did you know that writing and publishing articles on the Internet can be an effective and affordable way to grow your business and increase your visibility?  There are hundreds of article aggregators online today that are actively looking for the kind of expert content you can provide to others.  ...more

Networking Hangover - Take the Pain out of Follow Up

Once a networking event is over, what do you do?  If you're like most business people the answer is go back to your office and immediately get buried in a pile of work.  STOP.  Wrong answer. ...more

Throw Sunshine On Their Parade

Has this ever happened to you?  You get a new idea.  You're all excited.  You share your idea with someone near and dear to you and you hear, "Oh, that will never work," or "I knew someone who tried that once and it was a complete disaster." ...more

There are enough naysayers in the world as it is. Thanks for challenging us to step up and ...more

Big Rocks Revisited

Have you heard that story about the teacher who showed his students how to get a sizable amount of big rocks, little rocks, sand and water into a jar, as long as they put the big rocks in first?  The analogy was that the big rocks are your most important relationships and they deserve your first consideration.  ...more