Will Dropbox Amaze You? Easy tips on How to Dropbox

Oh my this cloud technology is Amazing! Here's a tool that will help us share files EASILY. Here's steps to help you learn How to Dropbox! http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/how-to-dropbox/...more

DropBox: Amazing Way to Simplify Technology

Here's a Free tool that can really impact our lives if we work with technology. If we want to be organized and simplify, then we need to look at Dropbox. http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/dropbox/...more

Blog Security: 5 Ways to Get Protected Now

Malware, spam, viruses, security. Yuck! But it's better to work on blog security to protect our blog than to deal with the consequences later. Here's help.http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/blog-security/ ...more

Backup a Website Manually - Take charge at Blue Host

We work so hard on our website. We need to protect it! There are different ways to backup a website. Today we will go to the source, Blue Host, and manually backup our website. I will help you step by step. http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/backup-a-website/...more

Website Backup - STOP and Protect yourself

This is one thing that doesn’t give us instant gratification. But if "something" happens (hacked, virus, corrupted), we will be HAPPY we have a website backup. Here are steps to protect your site.http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/website-backup/ ...more

Online Spell Checker and why I don’t use Jetpack

Let’s look at a behind the scenes blogging tool that is so important: a Spell Checker. We have to have it. I think most of us would agree.Usually, I write tutorials, but this post is going to talk about my experience with the Online Spell Checker and Jetpack. Oh my!http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/online-spell-checker/...more

But I WANT Outlook email to retrieve website email

 To begin, I really like Outlook email. I have used it for years. Sure I have been annoyed with something about it every so often over the years but I never leave.  But I have email through my host, Blue Host. So, the question: is there a way to retrieve our hosted emails in Outlook? The answer: Yes.  I'll show you how  http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/outlook-email-webpage-email/...more

Check for Broken Blog Link - something people forget!

As we continue to write more blog posts, we create more internal links between our blog posts and external links to other websites. So the possibility of us having a broken blog link, meaning a link that does not work, becomes more likely. Not good.  So, let’s check for broken links! It will make our site look so much better!http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/check-for-broken-blog-link/...more

Wow, we are creating a Newsletter Email!

Welcome to: Let’s Finish Creating a Newsletter Email. We will continue from where we left off in the last post. If you are just starting with me, you may want to go back to the last post where there are specific steps to get you to this wrap up area. By the end of this post we will have our newsletter ready to go! Yea! http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/newsletter-email/...more

Create an Email Newsletter and have Fun – we are personalizing now!

Have you visited a website and signed up for a newsletter? This brings us to the realization: it’s time WE create an email newsletter!The recent posts I wrote were mainly about MailChimp. We then took a pause to understand RSS feeds a little better (and reinforce that they are important to MailChimp). Today we are going to go back to MailChimp and do something cool: create an email newsletter....more