Pride and Patriotism Doesn't Come in Blue or Red, Left or Right

This post of mine (under a headline I did not write and that made me cringe -- "A Leftist Mom’s Pride in Her Enlisted Son”) was recently published on a conservative blog:...more

To Serve and Protect

 “I want to save lives and serve my country.”...more

Why Won't They Listen?

Why don't people believe climate scientists that anthropomorphic global warming is real and a growing threat?This question puzzling scientists comes as no surprise to social scientists. NPR's All Things Considered ran a recent story highlighting research that shows a belief in climate change hinges on a person's world view. From NPR's story: ...more

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors….

I guess I’m not done yet with this topic of the Corporate States of America....more

The Best That Money Can Buy

Coming on the heels of dire warnings that a 41st Republican Senator would most certainly derail health care reform, the Supreme Court -- acting against 100 years of precedent –- ruled that the government cannot ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.As I posited on Facebook, “does anyone else wonder, with yesterday's Supreme Court ruling granting corporations First Amendment Rights, whether we've officially ceded the US government to corporate interests?”...more

A Poignant Lesson on Attachment and Loss

This past Monday, I left my bracelet in the locker at my gym. Taking it off in the first place was a hard habit to get into; I never remove it except when I must -- my few hospital stays, airport security checkpoints and now, when I go swimming.But that day, I left it behind when I gathered my things. I realized it was missing about an hour after I got home, and rushed back to retrieve it. It was gone: whoever found it did not turn it in, nor has it shown up in the days since....more

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night….”

I had lunch last week with some former colleagues, all of whom – like me -- accepted an early retirement package our company offered to qualified employees.Even without that incentive, it has become common practice for people to leave our company by age 55 because of the generous retirement benefits, including health insurance.  In fact, as one of my lunch companions told me, the system had evolved over time to implicitly encourage this trend.  The buyouts simply accelerated that process.Some of us skipped out joyfully; some of us looked around and realized that -- ready or not -- it was time to go; some of us left kicking and screaming. The common thread?  Whether it was seeking full-time or part-time re-employment; consulting, or working on contract; starting our own companies or buying a franchise:  many of us weren’t ready (or able) to stop working. The latest exodus of early corporate retirees join a flood of 50+ adults losing their jobs due to the punishing recession. Any way you look at it, there’s an amazing number of highly skilled, hard working people looking for ways to continue being productive. And yet connecting people in this age group with opportunities is difficult....more

this post is. Thanks for alerting me to it on your comments about my recent blogpost. I am ...more

A Conversation on Climate Change

It started off simply. An email from my conservative brother, distraught about cap and trade legislation that had passed the U.S. House. Just another in a long-running policy debate between him and his liberal older sister....more

Who Does She Think She Is?

Were I to answer that question today, I'd say "I don't know."  A few weeks ago, I might have answered differently. Then I saw "Who Does She Think She Is?"   ...more

Another Parenting Milestone

In less than a month, my son will graduate from college and leave for Alaska. Whether it's his launch into full-blown adulthood or the nearness of Mother's Day, I'm awash in parental nostalgia of the teary-eyed variety. On a cold and snowy February morning just over 23 years ago, I learned the child we expected in March would make an early appearance. ...more