Dear Teen Daughter

Dear Teen Daughter,(I’m not posting your picture because I know you’d be angry that I shared it with every human, entity, and crumb that composes the Milky Way galaxy. (Especially because they all read my blog.) And just so you know, you DON’T look stupid.)I’m writing you a list of the ten eleven most important things I want you to stow in the depths of your DNA, because in a matter of years you won’t be one amongst four who love you with all their hearts, but one amongstmillions billions who don’t give a crap about your heart....more
Beautiful!  Great advice.  Your daughter is a lucky girl!more

Spite-Oh Sweet Spite

Spite is a funny concept. Initially purporting a negative connotation, spite is often associated with bitterness. Like a grumpy old troll dealing with life's shortcomings, spite attempts to make other people miserable-perhaps seeking revenge for being wronged, or to make people jealous, or to be a royal pain in the neck just because you can....more