Beach Dream

So last night I had a dream I was at the beach (I always dream of the same beach). I know it was in Florida. I was with my brother and I was walking along the sand and realized that there were whales in the water!! ...more

Dream a couple dreams

So my first dream last night was of my older brother getting into a casket. He is quite tall and clearly the casket was not big enough because he had to lay on his side and curl up a little bit. He was picking out his own casket. He kept pushing at the cushion on the ends in hope to make a little more room for himself to lay out straight inside. All I remember thinking is how sad it was that he wouldn't even have a casket that fit him when he died. ...more

Canada Dream

So I had a dream last night that I took a trip to Canada with some girl friends. Upon arriving to the destination we met up with three guys, I recognized one but did not know the other two. Soon we were planning to go out for the night and I was supposed to ride with these guys. As we were driving to wherever our destination was, I was informed that the girls were actually going to the hotel to sleep and not going out with us. I was very concerned because I didn't really know these guys. We ended up at their apartment which was 3 beds in a very small room. ...more


Ok so last night I had this dream that my boyfriend, (whom is currently in the military overseas) came back and did not even tell me. He updated his status on Facebook and that is how I found out he got to come home! I tried to call repeatedly but he would not answer. I was so angry I cannot even describe. lol Next thing I know I finally got to see him and he was singing the newest Akon songs and I was outraged once again. I wondered to myself how could he possibly know all these songs if he was supposedly in a war?!  That was all to that dream... just a little out there. ...more

Sweet Dreams?

I have decided to start a blog about my dreams. I have come to believe that my dreams are easily remembered and sometimes very out of the ordinary. I like to share my dreams although my family is sick of hearing about them because they are so different. ...more