My girls are not play dough in need of a mould

Read  below or listen to my story of how I lost the back fat and found comfort and support. When I started the long journey through menopause, I was warned about hot flashes, mood swings and hairs on your chin that feel like tree stumps. But nobody told me about the insidious back fat that would over flow the top and bottom of my bra....more

7 ways to hide the gray on social media

I laughed when my friend Peggy recently called me an expert in social media. I am not. I'm simply more comfortable with social media than many people our age.Peggy and many of my friends spend thousands hiding the gray and smoothing the wrinkles. So here are my tips for them, on how to hide their social media gray:1. Don't insist that Twitter is about people telling you what they had for lunch. It's not....more

What I would teach George Clooney

I advise people who want to engage others through their writing to pretend they're having a conversation with the person they most want to connect with. As I recently prepared for a talk to university students, I figured I would use George Clooney as my personal example. Gorgeous. Smart. A talker....more