Hiking into the New Year

My husband, Dave, has a pair of Limmer boots. They are handmade boots that are made in New Hampshire. He has had the boots for at least 15 years....more

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines I gave a hundred Valentines.A hundred, Did I say?I gave a thousand Valentinesone cold and wintery day.I didn't put my name on themor any other words...more

if you want to see a whale

If you want to see a whale is a book that's all about watching and waiting—seeing. The book was created by a talented pair: Julie Fogliano wrote the words, and Erin E. Stead did the artwork. Together they explore the idea that to see a particular thing you must know where to look for it, and sometimes wait for it....more

Happy New Year

first sunrise of the new yearWatch Hill, RI...more

Christmas 1994 to Christmas 2013

While looking through old photographs, I came across one that I had used for my Christmas card in 1994. My son William was two-years-old and in love with animals....more
My family Christmas traditions have definitely evolved over the years and I love my new holiday ...more

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, All the animals stoodIn the crisp peaceful silence, Of their home in the wood.The trees towered in might, Their branches did clatter,As the squirrels come out, Of their nests, pitter patter.The deer came together, they met, they communed...more
Happy Christmas.more

Take It Outside: Go Sledding

Snow on a Saturday—great! Who scheduled the recent snowstorm? My compliments. On Friday, we knew it was going to snow the next day. We cancelled our plans to travel and settled in for a day at home. No worries about piling up too many snow days that would force the kids to go to school until the end of June....more

Take It Outside: Winter Sunsets

First Snow + Lindsey Stirling—A Fantastic Combination

Got up this morning to see snow on the ground, learned the kids have a snow day from school, and then found this video—So far a great day!...more

One Step at a Time