Barbecued Salmon with Fresh Sweet Corn Relish

I love backyard barbecuing in the summer. It keeps the mess outside, as well as the heat. And I don't feel left out of the action, like I sometimes do when I'm inside in the kitchen and the rest of my family and guests are out enjoying the sunshine. ...more
 @paulag01 Yes -- it really is a delicious recipe!more

The Hunger Games...and Peeta's Bread....

Yes, I am a 35 year old woman and I am beside myself with excitement about the upcoming release of the movie The Hunger Games.  This popular book by Suzanne Collins was made into a movie that is being released on March 23 at Midnight....more
My husband and I read the books when they first came out and loved them.  Love the bread idea.more

Love is in the Air....

Yes, Cupid is out in full force today! ...more

A Tart By Any Other Name....

It is not often that I make something that I have no name for.  Such is the story of this...whatever.  I am going to call it a galette.  You can call it a tart, my father-in-law called it a pizza.  No matter the name it tastes the same.  Creamy, crunchy and tart, this galette is so versatile and I made 3 of these on Christmas day to take to all of our family gatherings and I only got a piece because my son didn't eat all of his ;)  And by that I mean I took his when he wasn't looking!...more
It looks delicious! I might have to try this :)more

Oatmeal and Out the Door

My house, like most, is hectic in the morning.  No matter how prepared I am to start the day we inevitably hit several speed bumps on our way out the door.  Dragging the kids out of bed after 3 warnings that time is running out, searching for the elusive "other shoe", or realizing that I need to sign something are just a few of our typical morning issues. ...more

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I don't know about you but every time I hear "peanut butter..jelly" I hear my 2 sons sing that irritatingly cute song by the same title.  There are 2 that they sing all of the time because they think they are cute (well..they are :) and last night was no exception.  I told them what I was making for dessert and they serenaded me as I cut up strawberries. ...more

Locavore Living...One Pizza at a TIme

Once upon a time, all human beings were locavores, and everything we ate was a gift of the earth.   We only ate what was grown or produced with in a small radius of where we lived and worked.  Somehow, over the last few years the word Locavore has re-ignited a food revolution of sorts in Middle America.  I don't think that chef Jessica Prentice knew in 2005 that she coined a phrase that brings with it so many questions and so much skepticism. ...more

Not Quite Meatless Monday

I frequently get asked by readers of my column in the Greenwood Daily Journal for recipes that have little to no meat, are budget friendly and are quick and easy.  So I wanted to share one of my family favorites today.  I know a lot of you post your meatless entrees on Monday's so since this is almost meatless I thought I would try to slip it in! ...more

Shout it From the Roof Tops...CAKE!

A few months ago I made what is quite possibly one of the best and easiest cakes I have ever made.  That morning I had been trolling the Internet in search of a dessert for that evening.  I was Stumbling  around from one site to the next and lo and behold there it was....Light shined down from Heaven...angels sang!  I had found what I was looking for!  I already knew I would love it...It did have 'Butter' in the title after all ;) ...more