Letter To My Aging Dog

Dear Precious Mercedez:...more

4 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Ebola and Other Viruses

As FDR said "The only thing we have to fear.....is fear itself."  I will not deny many things we fear are real and should be feared.  Fear is a lot like worry....more

7 Deadly Sins To Ensure People Won't Follow Your Blog

 Your opinion please?  As most bloggers, I read numerous blog posts a day.   When setting up my blog, I did hours of research to determine what works and what doesn't work.  Even though I was new to the blogging world, I quickly recognized 7 Deadly Sins that would make me X out and go to the next blog.There is so much information in social media venues that tell us what NOT to do and what we SHOULD be doing.  The more blogs I read, the more evident it becomes, as to what works and what doesn't. ...more
perfect list I agree with all of them trying to clean up my side bars  not sure what I need to ...more

How To Handle The Little (Big) Things

Stress Management. How many articles and books have been written on this subject?  How many medications are taken daily in hopes of managing the stress we experience? What coping mechanisms can we practice? Stress...how to copeAs a health coach, I regularly see people suffering from various health issues as a result of being under too much stress.  Since Battered Hope has been released, one of the questions I get most often is, "How did you endure all the trauma?"  After 42 years of marriage and surviving often insurmountable circumstances, (including being arrested) my response is almost always the same, "I learned how to laugh!"...more

Sure-fire Way To Handle Discouragement

Do you ever get discouraged?  The definition of discouragement is 1) the act of making something less likely to happen or of making people less likely to do something 2)  a feeling of having lost hope or confidenceIf that is the definition of discouragement, than what is the definition of encouragement?  It is:  1) the act of making something more appealing or more likely to happen 2) something that makes someone more determined, hopeful, or confident.  ...more

Have You Ever Been Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Our Comfort Zone.  The place where we are the most comfortable, the most familiar.  Do you ever wonder what would happen if you took a risk or did something that you always wanted to do but were afraid to try?  Some of us are pushed out of our comfort zone for a variety of reasons.  For me, it was a financial push.  I knew I had to do something, but didn't have a clue what to do to bring in extra income. ...more

6 Tools to Keep Your Reader's Attention

Want to keep your reader's attention?  Here are a few tips to insure that happens.  All of us wrote essays in school. Many of us took various forms of creative writing classes. Most of us like to write and all of us would like to improve. If you want to write, there is an abundance of information available to help you. ...more

81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike

 "81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike"  That was the headline in  the small town's newspaper.  It really says very little and the normal response would be something to the effect that he lived a good life and probably didn't suffer as his death was on impact. ...more

Are You a Victim or a Victor? The Choice Is Yours


Have You Lost a Child? The Pain Never Goes Away