Should You Befriend The Mother Of Someone Who Tried To Destroy You?

When she made the appointment for aesthetic services, her name sounded vaguely familiar.  I assumed I would recognize her when she arrived.  I didn't, but my co-worker did and summoned me into the reception area with urgency."Do you realize who that is?"  she asked staring wildly.  The look was a definite indication that my client was not welcome there."No....why?""That's Roger's mother!"...more

So THIS Is How To Protect Yourself During A Home Invasion

It was close to midnight when she thought she heard a noise.  Thinking it was just the wind, Vicky fell into a restful sleep.  When she woke up at three in the morning, she noticed that not only was her bedroom door open, but there were lights on in the house.  Wakening her husband, together they cautiously took a look around the house and then called the police....more

Sorry But Your Husband Has Irreversible Brain Damage

I remember the first time I heard those words.  It was unexpected.  "We're sorry but there is nothing more we can do." ...more

I Was Born A Mother

Some people are born salesmen.  Some are born rock stars. And then there are the born winners and of course.....the born losers.  I was born a mom.  This is something I realized only recently. ...more

Do We Set Ourselves Up for Failure When We Adopt a Pet - R.I.P. Texas, Mini-Dachshund

Name:  Texas, a.k.a. Texie Mexie, Texas Mexas, Big Guy, Mama's Boy and Poopy PantsAge:  18 years oldDate of Birth:  August 27, 1996Date of Death:  December 29, 2014 Preceded in death by:  Teslin, wife Survived by:  Son, Louis Vuitton                        Daughter-in-law, Lily...more
Thedustyparachute  I'm headed there now -- thank you SO much.  Please connect with me on my blog ...more

10 Tips On How To Avoid The Christmas Hustle - Stress Free

"I hate Christmas!"  Those were the words spoken by a woman who was looking in the show cases in my store this week.  "Pardon me?""I hate Christmas -- well, not really.  I just hate all the stuff I am forced to do."I have not been able to shake that conversation from my psyche....more

Is There A Book In You Waiting To Be Wrtten?

Did you ever experience that 'knowing' deep within feeling?  It never leaves you.  It surfaces often to jab you with “You know what you need to do.”  But for any number of reasons, we often suppress it.  For me, it was not only the feeling, but the desire to write.  As a young girl, I loved telling stories and took the liberty to dramatize them for my captive audiences.  As a teen, I started writing poetry as a means of escape from the pain in my life – my mom was dying and there was nothing I could do about it....more

The Best Gift - Ever (Get Out The Kleenex)

Thanksgiving is over.  Black Friday sales are slowing down.  One day we were thankful for what we have.  The next day we shopped for more.   Maybe we ate too much or spent too much money but most of us reflected on what we appreciated about our lives -- our families and friends.  Some of us were thankful for the winter storm that blew in last night in many areas -- it meant another day to relax and enjoy this break from our busy lives....more

Were You Born With It?

 The age-old question -- Are you born with a natural ability to sell?  Or is it learned?  Even though I have been in sales as long as I can remember, I can't answer that. ...more