The Tittie Bars

My friend Duke was going nuts on someone for calling a Tittie Club a "Boobie Bar" as though calling it a "tittie club" is so much more sophisticated, right? Duke, for all his strange male quirks (to include but are not limited to his favorite reading spot) does get me thinking about gender roles.  While Duke actually wasn't interested in going to a local club (he says the girls just look unclean)  if there were a "classier joint" he would probably have gone. I never knew a strip club could ever be classy...  ...more

the Hatred of Palin

As women, we still must fight a glass ceiling that is apparent almost everywhere (yes, even in the blogosphere). The women who blaze trails must be more than just pretty or adorable. They must have gravitas! Where is that in Palin? ...more

What most bothers me (alright, one of the things that bothers me) about Palin is that she is ...more

The Catharsis of Divorce

(X-posted on Tough Girl 101) I read many women's blogs all in various types of relationships; some just blossoming, some satisfying, some not, some happily married, some unhappily married, some divorced. It seems that the real difference in the relationship boils down to this; those happy in their relationships feel like they are enhanced by their situation, those unhappy feel like they are losing a part of themselves... and they'll miss what they have lost. ...more
I am still finding that I am very angry at him.  I haven't made it through the 'firsts' yet.  ...more

Stigma of Divorce

It is quite common knowledge around my circle at college, my work colleagues and others that I am going through a divorce. In the back of my mind, when someone asks me if I am "seeing someone" all I can think of is that I am 21 years old, and divorced... 21 years old and divorced... 21 years old and divorced... ...more

You are a beautiful, young single woman and that is really all that counts.

You did not ...more

Army Girl/Tomboy blogger

Hey guys, I'm new to this site, so forgive me! I followed a link from a person in the 20something bloggers network, and it led me hear! Thought it was interesting so I signed up! I'm a national guard soldier, married to a full time, deployed soldier. I've been blogging for ahwile, but for once I'm taking it rather seriously. My blog's all over the place but almost everything is Army or Love related... they're the two important things in my life, so what can I say? I can be found here: Belleau wood ( ...more