I cannot find my pants (size)

 Lately, I've noticed that my pants size is becoming extinct in stores.Really? Size 12s becoming extinct? Yes it's true, and no that's not crazy talk.I've never had trouble finding size 12 pants in stores I frequent because few people wear it. And I'm okay with that because I feel like the store is stocking it JUST for me :)...more

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Woooo! It’s officially award season, which means I become super fashion judgmental and share my b*tchy, catty comments with all of you! So let’s kick this off by recapping the Golden Globes, my favorite of all the award shows (probably because people have gotten drunk pre-speech.) ...more

I loved Jennifer Aniston's dress. She pulled it off beautifully. I think it broadcasted her ...more

Newsweek: Am I suckling at the parental teet?

Question: Am I less of an "adult" because my parents still offer me financial support on occasion even though I have a full-time job?According to the July 28th issue of Newsweek, the answer might be yes. ...more

My parents are still very generous with giving my husband and I money, or more often paying ...more

I survived my 10-year high school reunion

And yes, I feel very secure in my life choices :)   ...more

Rant: Another celebrity caves to the Hollywood stereotype

I always look forward to the new issue of US Weekly. Who doesn’t love unnamed sources and somewhat shady reporting sometimes? ...more

I was a little disappointed when I heard about this story. I thought that Jennifer Love ...more

Happy Valentine's Day, aka Thursday for single people

So I can't be all that bitter and jaded today, even though my head feels like it will actually explode from congestion and I had to sleep on the couch last night because I could barely breathe. Honestly, I really would like to nap at my desk, but I don't think some people would be okay with that. But I'm glad I did come in todaybecause despite feeling crappy, my dad, aka my Valentine, sent flowers to me at work, which match nicely with my Tory Burch pink patent flats. It was sweet, I did appreciate it and I yes, I did gush just a little bit. ...more

Matchmaker, product review and gym follow up

Today I was nearly set up by my renter’s insurance agent. I don’t know if it’s a sign that this guy could be my soulmate or if I have become more pathetic and desperate than I thought. My stepmom has been trying to marry me off for years and now my insurance agent not only renewed my policy, but tried to offer me a date as a signing bonus. The question is, will that lower my premium? ...more

Gym observations and Reader question

I've been a loyal gym member in Chicago for about 2.5 years and it seems like every time I go, I see something new that intrigues me. On a daily basis, I see one or more of the following "gym types," which usually cause me some form of amusement: -- "Cutie" - dresses in matchy, matchy outfits that barely have seen a sweat. Spends more time primping in front of the mirror to make sure her workout waist band lays perfectly over her toned stomach. ...more

I am a tech geek at heart... keep your chanel, prada, gucci... I get enough fake ones here in ...more

Adventures in the Windy City

Hi all - I'm a brand-new blogger and I'm really excited to be part of BlogHer! My blog is titled The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City and you can find it online at www.everydayadventuresinthecity.blogspot.com. ...more

I'm suddenly seeing Chicago bloggers everywhere I look. I think it's a sign or ...more

I am officially a couch potato

Yes, for the second day in a row, I have done little but lay around, "clean" my apartment and watch a mind-numbing amount of TV. I did not make it to the gym today, but I did start to lay out clothes for my Miami trip this week and called the hotel to make sure I could use the gym, in case I'm motivated and have time Tuesday night. I'm proud of my movie achievements this weekend: Painted Veil, Superman 3, Casino Royale, 2 Days in Paris, King of Kong: Fistfull of Quarters and several movies in my DVR as well. It's insanely lazy and unproductive, but I love it :) ...more