Imbecile Parade

Exhibit A- an "imbecile."...more

A Pet Isn't Just For Life

Occasionally, the girls like to go out to spend some time at Leo's grave.  He's buried out beside the garage under a tree next to our other cat.  Today, we noticed a major dip in the dirt around the grave.  My first thought was that some animal had tried to get to him.  The grave is fairly fresh...three weeks.  Also, we've had a lot of hard rain for two days.  Bottom line, you could see the box he's inside.  Macabre, to say the very least.  I simply cannot deal with a dug up cat corpse....more

Too Much, Too Soon

Statements I never hoped or wanted to hear today from my almost 4 and 6-year-old daughters:"I need to take Belle's profile picture."  (Melanie, 6)"Mommy, is that your BedeeMania blog?  (Melanie)"I whip my hair back and forth...." (Belle, 4- in song)"I need to text the Ice Princess." (Melanie)Shameful.Three of the four are due to the Disney Channel.  Which in turn is still my fault for letting them watch  it. I'm both sad and very, very scared....more

Amy Duncan is My Hero

If I could choose one TV mom to be my new best friend it would be Amy Duncan from Good Luck, Charlie. Before you judge me for choosing a Disney mom, here me out.  This is a really cute show that could actually survive on primetime, and one of the few that is minus a smart-alecky midget kid and plus a present mom and dad.  This clip proves that Amy and I could totally hang. The quality's not the best, but you get the point. ...more

Mother of the Year...Again

We've been lounging all morning long.  My default TV channel for background noise is Bravo.  I left the room for a bit.  During a commercial break, My daughter, Belle, calls to me."MOMMY....I want the big kids' show with the girl with the hurt nose." "What big kids' show?"  Jesse?  Shake it Up?  Any Disney comedy? "The one that has the girl with the thing on her nose."  ????? ...more

I Just Caught a Glimpse of Dystopia

And believe me, it wasn't pretty.  The Sears in our already substandard rural mall is closing.  Ours is one of 79 stores in the Sears Holding Corporation that is closing after a disappointing holiday shopping season. The store is currently liquidating its merchandise.  Electronics and home appliances are marked down between 25-50%.  Seasonal items, such as clothing, are marked anywhere from 50-75%....more

American Idol Top 7 "Shocker"

So, big news last night on Idol.  Jessica Sanchez, an obvious judge favorite was nearly sent home.  After receiving the lowest number of votes, the judges cut her off while she "sang for her life" and used their only save of the season....more

An Easter Story (Melanie's Version)

This morning my daughters, Melanie and Belle were fighting over...Melanie was hoarding it.  Belle wanted to hold it  The following is a transcript of the morning's events. Scene 1:  The Living RoomBelle:  Give it to me.  I wanna read it....more