I Can Only Accept It

A few weeks ago, I shared the story of a spunky, smiling local 7-year-old girl, Jorelys Rivera, who was abducted in broad daylight as she ran back to her apartment from the complex’s playground to grab a drink. She was never seen alive by anyone other than her abductor again. (Here’s the link to that post: http://www.mamasagainstdrama.com/2011/12/possible-not-probable/.)...more

The Loss of Jorelys Rivera and the "Possible, Not Probable"

This past weekend in a little city called Canton, just north of Atlanta, 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera, was snatched -- in broad daylight -- from her apartment complex’s playground while in the care of a babysitter as her mother rested after working a nightshift. Then she was sexually assaulted and murdered. Her beaten body was shoved in a Dumpster. A special kind of trash can that compacted debris. She was found after a two-day search. The experts will tell the parents of Canton that what happened this past weekend to Jorelys is “possible not probable.”...more
I think it odd that not a single family member of the accused showed up for his first court ...more

I Haven't Written a Letter to My Kids

Let’s talk baby books. You know what I’m going to say: My first-born has an almost completed baby book. My second-born has an empty baby book. What each of these baby books has in common, though, is a little lonely envelope labeled “Write a Letter to Your Child.”You’d think this would be no problem, er, considering a make a living writing. And yet, there the envelopes sit – vacant, unfilled – like my heart must be for not giving my babies this simple gift of words....more
@SHembree Ha! I don't think your journals are creepy! Very sweet -- and the fact that you make ...more

The Day My Son Went Unruly

My nearly 6-year-old son is something of a perfectionist and almost totally a rule follower. At my first-ever-elementary school parent-teacher conference, my heart burst with pride when I heard what an extremely respectful and sweet boy I was raising. Score: He says, “Yes, m’am,” when I’m not around. He hates to disappoint grown ups. He’s a pleaser. He colors in the lines (as best he can) and he wants to get it right....more
I know just what you mean -- I HATE that feeling when you don't know where they are for that ...more

My Extra Set of Hands

My husband travels. I’m not supposed to tell you, I know. Because you might be a stalker. Or you might think I have a vault of valuable silver you can steal when “the man” isn’t home.Let me save you some trouble: there’s no vault; the most valuable thing I own is the wine I’m drinking; and I’m way too tired, cranky and jiggly to be the object of anyone’s stalking. All that, plus, I might be using a pseudonym so that I can write about my crazed relatives one day and then deny it. But I digress…...more
I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a husband who travels. I have three small kids and ...more

Fruits of the Spirit - Or Not

It has occurred to me lately that, as the mother of a 5 ½ -year-old and a 2 ½-year-old, I may be failing miserably in teaching basic positive character traits....more
Ack, there are definitely days when I feel like the killer of joy and the pronouncer of the ...more

Airing Some Dirty Laundry

A few weeks ago, in the car with several girlfriends, the topic of laundry came up. (Because, really, why would a bunch of women finally enjoying some free time together talk about anything else?) I let it fly that I don’t do my husband’s laundry. Some of my friends let out audible gasps. A couple said, “You don’t?” with hands over their hearts. And only one admitted, “Neither do I.”...more
Laundry is one of those chores that I hate -- and with three kids there is more than enough of ...more

One Dye at a Time

My 5-year-old son has been on a dye-free diet for almost two years. My 2-year-old daughter? I don’t believe a synthetic food dye has ever touched her pristine lips....more
Think my first comment got eaten, sorry...Anyway I wanted to thank you for posting your story. I ...more

What's That On My Blouse? A Louse!

I’m wondering how long it will take me to realize that there is always going to be something no one told me about parenting until that one. outrageous. thing. occurs.Then, all the more senior parents exchange knowing looks: “Oh, now she gets it,” their eyes say, mockingly. “Another newbie we kept in the dark about the. outrageous. thing.” It’s so easy to be smug, unless you’re the first timer....more
@BrookeBBlogs Did not see! Hard to resist that title, on my reading list for tonight!more

Minivans vs SUVS: Are Automatic Doors Really Life-Changing?

My sister-in-law, recently in the market for a new vehicle, posed this question on her Facebook page: Leave me your opinions about minivans vs. SUVs.The response was shocking. More than 80 (!) posts came in from her friends and family touting the fabulousness of both minivans and SUVs....more
I ditched the minivan for a Subaru Forrester a decade ago. Sure the kids have to SIT NEXT TO ...more