All-Natural and it Possible?

I've been a true loyalist to Origins, Aveda and The Body Shop for the better part of ten to fifteen years.  I admit, I walk into a store and I fall hook, line and sinker for the scents they pump through their stores.  The Body Shop was one of the first companies that tauted no testing on animals.  And being the animal lover that I am, this appealed to me greatly.  Whether it be a mouse or a dog, if it has fur and four legs, I'm pretty much in love.  Aveda was one of the first shampoos that I bought that went beyond the cheapo brands.  And well, ...more

Are You Peer Pressured into Being Unhealthy?

Most of us have experienced peer pressure at one time or another, most likely when we were adolescents.  At that time, it was pretty blatant: ’Buy these jeans, everyone else has them’…‘You need to make the basketball team, otherwise you’ll be a loser’…‘Try a sip of this punch or a smoke, it makes you feel great.’ As we get older, however, peer pressure is more subtle…more damaging. We are confronted with judgment and pressure from friends, family, colleagues and even the media, day after day, often all in conflict with one another. ...more

3 Cases of Breast Cancer: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This past week I learned of three healthy and fit women, all under 50, who are either undergoing breast cancer treatment or have become breast cancer survivors.  Each woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer has their own story of how they found a lump, what stage it was in and a unique process of how they made decisions around treatment.  It is the first part of the story, h ...more

"Less-Invasive", Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Yesterday, as I waited to get a facial, I picked up a copy of a magazine in my Spa's waiting lounge.  The magazine is geared towards informing consumers on cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and other invasive procedures to stay 'young and beautiful.'  Against invasive and aggressive beauty procedures myself, I'm always interested in what these types of publications have to say.  ...more

How to Beat Post-Summer Blues

Depending on where you live, you may not have had much of a summer.  In the Northeast, we have had so much rain and dreary, cold days, that many of us feel robbed and can't believe we are in the throws of honest to goodness Fall.  It just doesn't feel right that the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping so quickly.  All in all, there seems to be a mild depression plaguing cities like Boston and Portland, Maine. ...more

Why you should take a multi-vitamin

My friend Laura asked if I took a multi-vitamin and if I thought it would be smart to do so.  I admit, I'm sometimes not as diligent as I should be, but I do recommend a basic multi-vitamin.  Why? ...more

Please DON'T Pass the Butter

I'm not one to eat a lot of bread...but when I do, I want it to be good.  I'm most tempted when we go out to eat for dinner on the weekend.  I am most happy when the bread is multi-grain, fresh made and warm when it gets to the table.  And thanks to a few trips to Italy, I am doubly happy when there is olive oil on the table to accompany my warm, fresh bread. ...more

Living your Childhood Dream

Awhile back, I watched a video about Courtney Oliver, a 10 year old girl who completed college coursework to receive a certificate to become a registered veterinary technician, I was moved. Genuinely. An animal lover myself, I could identify with her passion to help animals. What really moved me, however, is that a 10 year old had the kind of vision and passion to follow a dream that most people never have in a lifetime. So many of us have dreams as a child and let them fade away, never pursuing the dream we believed in. ...more

Stop Drinking Juice!

Ok, it is early in the morning and you b-line for the refrigerator to get that wake-me-up glass of orange juice.  It sounds like a healthy idea...fruit...vitamin C...what could be wrong with that?  Well, in all honesty, it isn't so great.  Sure, it is better than a glass of coke or any other sugary, high-fructose-corn-syrupy beverage, but it isn't as healthy as you might think. ...more

Stevia: A Natural Sweetener to Try

So we all know that sugar is not the best for our diets. It provides little to no nutritional value, excessive calories and can make our blood sugar sky rocket and quickly crash, leaving us somewhat lethargic and hungry. Long term effects of excess sugar in our diets leads to obesity. ...more