Stuff I Use: Coconut Oil

Now, I'm not one to get holy about my products or anything, but can I get a "HALLELUJAH" for this product?! Perhaps I need to back up. Since my daughter was about five weeks old, I haven't been eating dairy because her system hated it and it was causing all kinds of unpleasantness ....more

We Need To Talk: ACTUAL Family Values

I don't think I thought about what "family values" meant to me until I became a parent, which, honestly, is not surprising. With those words being thrown around so much by pundits on TV, it's easy to become confused and think that "family values" is a Republican thing. Even if it were, it shouldn't be ....more

We Need To Talk: Co-sleeping

I have been afraid to talk about co-sleeping since the day I brought my daughter home from the hospital. It's not really a secret why: they scare the hell out of you in the hospital about co-sleeping. They make you watch videos about SIDS and have a whole campaign about how to put your child to sleep (in their own crib or bassinet, on their back.) Also...let's be honest, some mommies will practically flay you for thinking that co-sleeping is at all safe ....more

5 Things That Make Me A Better Parent

Time away from my babyI went 30 days without being separated from my child for a single second last month...and it resulted in a feeling of frustration which, inevitably, I took out on my husband. Babies are babies. They will have nights when they are fussy, days when they cry for what seems like no reason, and stretches of time when they only want Mommy to hold them; it's what they do as they develop ....more

Marriage After Baby

The path of parenthood is wrought with uncertainty, and not just where the baby is concerned. For me, before I became pregnant, I worried endlessly about what would happen to the state of my relationship with my husband if we were to introduce a third party (the child) into our marriage. Some of my fears turned out to be founded and others, well, they didn't pan out at all ....more

Spicy Asian Noodle Recipe

There is a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach called Confucius, which is one of our very favorites. When we go we always get these spicy noodles, which are served cold and are amazingly flavorful. Nowadays, oddly enough, my husband and I are lucky to get away on dates fairly frequently (for having a 3 month old) but getting to Rehoboth in the summer between the traffic and the distance, not to mention the cost, can be a little impossible....more

Bossy Italian Book Review: Bebe Day by Day By Pamela Druckerman

Oh,'s an eventful journey I can tell you that much. If you are a parent you probably know that there are forty-seven million different books devoted to the subject of how to be the perfect parent or raise the perfect (most happy) child in the whole wide world. This is not one of those books, thank goodness.I read Pamela Druckerman's first book, Bringing Up Bebe, while I was pregnant and I loved it ....more

Fresh & Simple...The Tomato Sandwich

Tomato season. I melt. I just love the freshness of a ripe tomato ....more

I'm An Accidental Attachment Parent

I had seen the phrase "Attachment Parenting" (also knowns as AP) several times before I became a parent...but I didn't bother looking up the meaning, or reading up on the subject. In fact, I read little in the way of parenting books (unless you count Bringing Up Bebe) while I was pregnant. I like an intuitive style, so that was what we planned on using.In the hospital, we took full advantage of the kangaroo care which is supposed to help with bonding and breastfeeding ....more

Friday Fuzzies: Be Happy, Not Skinny

Body image is always out in front for me as a woman and a writer. It consumes me, but probably not in the way that you think. That is, I am not consumed by thinking I am overweight ....more