This Sleep Regression is KILLING Me!

Here I am: smack dab in the middle of an eight month sleep regression. It's a Wednesday--I think--I don't know, everything is staring to go bleary on me. You see, I have a good sleeper on my hands ....more

The Moscow Mule {My New Favorite Drink}

From time to time my husband would see these Moscow mule mugs in stores and mention about how he wanted them. But there was always a reason he couldn't buy that particular one--who knows how this was made, or it's too cheap, or it's too expensive. So, anyway, this year I was so ill during the holiday season that I couldn't get to the store to buy my husband his usual gifts of boxer shorts and such, and instead I found myself online searching for Moscow mule mugs.As luck would have it, I was able to find a mug that was neither too expensive, nor too cheap, and the materials were not in question, either ....more

Breakfast Quinoa

The holidays were so full of sugar for me that I feel like I need a serious resolution. I am addicted to sugar these days. If it's sweet, I will get it out of my way by promptly devouring it ....more

Introducing Solids [OMG I'm Freaking OUT!]

When my daughter was drawing nearer to the six month mark, I was really excited to start solids. I mean, hello, cooking is sooooo on my top five list and I couldn't wait to get my daughter's palette developing. I had read up on baby lead weaning (BLW) and was really excited to try it out ....more

I Don't Care What The Other Moms Do

When I was growing up, I would always protest to my mother about how "such and such's mom let her [fill in the blank.]" And every time, nearly without fail, my mother would reply to me, "I don't care what the other moms do." It never worked as my argument. Never. She always stood resolute in her own path and what she felt was right for her own parenting style.As a sort of joke, before my husband and I had children, whenever he would compare me with anyone, I would reply with "I don't care what the other moms do." Now that I am in a position of actually being a parent, though, I find it's true on so many levels.First of all, parenting style ....more

A Marriage/ Parenting Analogy

I remember when I got engaged; people came out the woodwork to wish my (now) husband and I well. It was like an alternate universe where you're suddenly planning for a decadent affair. You get in touch with people you maybe haven't had a chance to keep up with ....more

Let Me Tell You About My Village

You always hear people throwing around the phrase "it takes a village." When I was pregnant, I was so aware of this phrase, and I vowed to let that village in; you know, in case I needed them, which I thought I might. Boy was that the best decision I've made in a while! As it turned out, I needed the village ....more

Have Yourself A Merry Little Cheesecake

This isn't really a Christmas or holiday cheesecake. Well, it is in the world of color themes, but not in taste. Let me back it up a little here...So, I have been doing some catering and personal chef work ....more

And Then I Got F**king Shingles

So I had what was one of the worst flu viruses I have had in recent memory. That took up the first portion of my month, and it was not fun, let me tell you. As a result, I didn't get my Christmas shopping done, but I told myself I had plenty of time to attend to all that ....more

A Very Non-Dairy Christmas [Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!]

Sometimes you just get a hankering. And for me, it was cookies. I wanted to make some nondairy chocolate chip cookies ....more