I've Been Gifted A Climber

Every parent looks forward to their child becoming mobile. Or perhaps I should say, every first time parent look forward to their child becoming mobile…because once it actually happened, I found the parenting workload went from manageable to, “Oh my god, get her! Get her! ...more

Stuff I Use [Parenting Edition]: Mum-Mums

If you follow me regularly, then you may know that giving my child solid foods was a little complicated for me. To be clear, it was me, not her, and we eventually found a system that worked for us. But then there was the subject of those all-pervasive baby puffs ....more

Chocolate Coconut Poke Cake

Every time there is an event, I am practically screaming, "I'll bring dessert!" Breastfeeding has turned me into a sugar monster, and I can't apologize because my mouth is too full of dessert. Cake! Cake! ...more

Things I Want My [Childless] Friends To Know

Having a kid changes everything whether you like it or not. I love love love my childless friends. They are my connection to the world I once knew, but let's be honest, it's different now ....more

Quick Fix: Tuna, White Bean & Avocado Salad

Tuna salad is a staple in our household. It's one of my husband's very favorite ways to eat lunch. Me? ...more

My Sorry, Not Sorry Stump Speech

Dear Parent People,I am sorry, but I'm not sorry. As a new mother I am often under the impression that I am supposed to somehow feel bad about the following things:1) that I got back down to my starting weight (and then lost additional weight.)2) that my child is (generally) a good sleeper.3) I make my own baby food.4) have time for Pinteret projects.5) being able to stay home with my child instead of working (well, I do work from home sporadically.)I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.Whatever your life circumstances are, they are your own. Despite whatever your issues are with me and moms like me, you need to chillax ....more

Stuff I Use: Nutritional Yeast

Mmmmmm mmmmm, nutritional yeast. Ha! I know that is not what you were thinking AT ALL ....more

How to Get Through Postpartum Anxiety

I was "ready" for postpartum issues. I was prepared. I had my placenta encapsulated. I told myself I would ask for help (and I did). I was determined to breastfeed, even if it was hard. Since I have had anxiety issues since I was 23 years old, I knew it was a possibility that I could have them while my body sorted through the muck of my hormonal roller coaster after birth. And despite the steps I took at preventing a postpartum anxiety issue, it came anyway, right on schedule at the six week mark. ...more
Realizing in hindsight how bad it had gotten was not something I expected. But maybe it was ...more

Think Before You Ask This...

People seem to love asking me when in the world I am having more children. At first, it just made me cry when I would get the question. And then I tried to come to grips with it and settle on "I don't know" as the answer ....more

Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake

It's happened; I've given in to the poke cakes. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later because I spend a lot of time cruising Pinterest. One can only withstand two million pictures of cake before one gives in ....more