Five ways to love yourself in January

Most people create a new year's resolution and don't follow through with it by the end of the month. This year why not make promises to honour and love yourself instead. Start the year off right and make a pact to love yourself first. 1) Speak to yourself positively. 2) Spend time alone without any interruptions from cell phones or computers. By spending time alone you are with your thoughts. This is the time when you can begin to correct any negativity from your own self. When you begin to think negatively, snap back and change your thought pattern immediately....more

So, I said to myself.....

There was a great character on Saturday Night Live called Stuart Smalley.  Stuart Smalley used to say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me." This was a hilarious skit but the message was one of truth.  You can do what ever you want with your life but you have to tell yourself that you CAN do it.  ...more

I Promise Myself...

I am constantly trying to figure out different ways of being more, doing more and acheiving more.  I think this is a lifelong way of being with a very positive outcome.  While searching around on Pinterest I came across the "I Promise Myself" creed from The Secret.  I want to explore some of the promises periodically through the blog....more

Driving Change

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - EE Cummings It's natural for people to blame their boss, their spouse, their job, etc for the horrible time that they are having.  If we changed our thought process and took responsibility for our actions and our thoughts then we would be less inclined to lay blame to situations in our lives.  Positive thinking is not easy for most.  Naturally if you are going through a rough patch at work, home, or the gym; blame is the first thought that can pop into your mind.  ...more