Sweet Victory Spaghetti Sauce

This Spaghetti Sauce is something everyone loves.  It is on the thick and sweet side.I use it for Spaghetti, Stuffed Shells, and dipping just about anything into!Use it for meatball hoagies, dipping bread sticks into or how about just meatballs and sauce!...more

Half Time Sausage Hoagie

Weather you make them with sweet or hot sausage the game remains the same....more

Game Day Chili

Hair Scrunchies

My youngest daughter wanted a sewing machine for xmas this year.  She is interested in fashion and making her own clothes....more

Mini Magick


My grandmother taught me how to make these.  You could make them for chicken and dumpling soup however we prefer to fry them up in butter and onions and server them as a side dish. ...more

Anxiety is Very Real

If you don’t know me well you may not know that I suffer from Anxiety. ...more