Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and the stockings are not hung by the chimney with care... Uh, what else is supposed to be done but isn't? ...more

Tortie Tuesday

Christmas Eve may not be until tomorrow but it's never too early to keep an eye out for Santa Claws... Since I'm such a good Tortie, I'm sure I'll be one of his first stops! Are you ready for Santa's visit? ...more

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a very rainy weekend so since there were no sunpuddles to enjoy, I helped Mommy make beady goodies. ...more

Twas the Sadieday Before Christmas...

Sadie was always on Santa's good list despite all the holiday temptations... Because how could Santa resist her sweet face! With only a few days until Christmas, we hope you stay on Santa's good list too! ...more

Santa's Helper

Mommy is really behind in Christmas stuff so I thought I'd help her wrap presents... For some reason, she was not appreciative... I guess she didn't want me to hold the paper down so I'll hold her down.. ....more

Nippy Nose

Sometimes sisfurs are the purrfect nose warmers... Nokitty wants a nippy nose! ...more

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday and it's darn right chilly here today so I'm laying on a towel while NOT laying on the Tortie colored countertops.... But, once again, somekitty didn't get the memo on what day it is and is flicking her floofy tail in my Tortie face... Oh well, she can have the Tortie colored countertops ....more

Happy Birthday at the Bridge to our Sisfur Sadie!

Today, December 15th, would have been our sisfur Sadie's 14th birthday. ...more

Finally Friday

Normally we could give a rat's patootie what day it is but this week is different because it's been so rainy and dreary here that we've barely had any light during the day let alone sunpuddles. ...more

Birdie TV

Last week before Mommy moved my Bird TV table, I found one of the best channels ever... Despite the rain, the reception was superb... I'm hoping to find that channel again soon! ...more