Aye Aye Captain

Remember when I shared my friend Jesse’s amazing kitchen makeover?...more

Gold Buttons

My sister has thee best thrift store down the street from her where she always find thee best and most stylish vintage tops and I always am thee most jealous sister when I visit and see her enviable closet....more

Ding Dong

Remember when we hung the gallery walls in our little hallway?...more

Sebastian: 8 Months

The big boy (95th percentile in height!) turned eight months of age this month....more

Do Not Be Afraid of Christ

I was going through all of the pictures on my computer this morning, trying to purge those that didn’t need to exist anymore and came across this graphic I made for a youth center project (my husband’s a youth minister) a few weeks ago that I’m going to erase because we decided not to use it due to the fact that I accidentally forgot a few words (whoops) and because we changed our minds on how to display it (originally this was going to be painted onto a big wall)....more

That’s One Fancy Alphabet

The other day the three chicks and I were strolling through Target like we usually do once or twice a week when we came across the magnetic alphabet....more

Here & There

It’s 1:23 pm....more

The Traveling Scarf

Introducing… ...more

Potty Training: Take Two

Otherwise known as “Thank God It’s Over”, “We Lived Through Potty-Training Twins!”, and “Oh Shoot, Now We Can’t Leave the House for Awhile”…because yep, it’s true....more

State of the Painted Countertops

I’ve had a lot of inquiries into the state of the laminate countertops that we painted in our master bath....more