No going Forward, No going Back

In other words, being stuck between a rock and a hard place or in other words life sucks or I am damed if I do and damed if I don't. It should not be so but the reality is that often it does. It seems that every time I try to go forward somebody sticks a foot out to trip me up and prevent forward motion. There is no going back. All that is behind are memories and death. I am so tired of sorrow and death. I am waiting for my day and I find that the harder I try to move toward it and as soon as it seems to be in my grasp somebody can't stand it....more


I have not been writing very much the last two years. I have spent most of my time grieving and for the most part it was very difficult to put my feelings and thoughts down. It was bad enough with out putting it into words. How do you sum up 36 years of  life and then the loss of half myself and the process of learning to live again. There just don't seem to be any words that express what is inside and what has transpired. Perhaps some can make a song of loss and pain and change. I can't. I just listen to the songs and I cry along with them. ...more
I hope the new songs are humming in your ear, making your feet tap, and inspiring you each day :)more