Feed back.!! What would YOU be interested in.?!

Hello Ladiess.! Ahh It's been a wild few months, buut im back &ready to start posting quite often now, But need to know what you guys would be interested in.?? Comment below telling me what you'd want to hear about, any tips or tricks, makeup tutorials, reviews, how to's..Anything.! Let me know so i can get to working on it. (: As a side note, am starting a Youtube channel which should be up &going soon.! I will keep you guys posted on that.(: &&While you're at it Follow me on Instagram.! @ taeeeraee...more

Hair care tips.!! Growing your hair long, strong and beautiful.!

Hello there again lovelies.!!(: My post for today is a highly requested post from a ton of people who know me & my "hair's journey". :D I'm going to tell you guys all of my tips and tricks on how i not only restored my hair's health, but aided in the growth process, resaulting in faster growth.!!!! The history of my hair seems to be a good starting spot so you guys can understand how damaged my hair was. ...more

Favorite drug store products

Recently I have had alot of people asking me about some of the drugstore products that i use, and i figured, what better way to answer them,  than with my new blog.?! Haha AnywaysThese are products that i would and have bought again and again.!...more