Baby Steps #3

Daily update FAIL. So far, I've lost about 20 pounds and am feeling OK.  I broke down and replaced my Dance Dance Revolution mat and one of the games (yeah, twist my arm), and try to play at least 20 minutes a day.  I don't usually get to when I'm at my girlfriend's apartment, but it's better than nothing.  So far today, I've done 20 minutes and want to do about 20 more. I eat tons of fruit these days, and have all but given up sodas.  I've cut back on eating out, but don't want to cut it out completely... I do love my Taco Bell. ...more

Baby Steps #2

And we're off!  So far, I'm doing very, very well on the water consumption, OK on the fruit, crappy on the veggies, and decent on the physical activity.  For the water, I've found it helps to break it down into one or two containers (in this case, it's a big honkin' jug of water from Cub).  A liter isn't that big, and 2 liters a day is about as much water as we should be drinking, minimum, no matter who you are.  Eight glasses seems like a lot.  Replacing a couple Big Gulps/large fountian drinks with water doesn't seem nearly as hard, now does it? ...more

I'm In Love With...

OK, imagine that there is this computer program to help you with your finances.  Imagine that you can enter in all your checks, deposits, charitable deductions, and so on.  Imagine that, with a click of a button, you can print reports of said charitable donations, how much you spent on housing, etc.  Imagine that this program also has excellent budgeting tools, including links to find more on your credit score and ways to save money by changing where you do business (banks, especially)....more

Baby Steps #1

Once Upon A Time...Like many of us, I was a member of the life changing cult that is Weight Watchers.  I lost over 50 pounds.  When I was on plan, I felt... well, not so much great, but I knew what it felt like to not ache constantly.  I needed new clothes.  I got a great bonding experience with my mother (and the rest of my family, when we went out afterwords) when she and I went together.  It was kind of cool.  Wait, scratch that.  It was really cool.  But, for some reason, we both fell out of it.  ...more

I meant "saving" money.  Not "having" money.  Whoops.


A Word On My Name

I may be asked why, exactly, I have the username beautiful_genius_42.  The reasoning is twofold (or threefold, depending on how you look at it), and I promise, I'm not nearly as concieted as it implies. ...more