I'm a blog

I got my 3rd speeding ticket within a 12 month period today and am now required to go to driver re-training school.  I woke up this morning and my pillow was somehow resting on my face; I really don't even know how I was breathing.  I immediately felt that something 'off' was going to happen to me and that I should just lay in bed all day like a hot meatball. ...more

Bloggers nightmare

Bloggers nightmare.. I can’t begin to explain the sleeping problems I have. For the past 5 years I must have spent hours upon hours reading every self diagnosis book Borders has to offer. ...more

A glass of thought with my lunch

Hello to all of my illustrious women. Sometimes I consider myself to be rather gifted at writing poems.  I wouldnt dare label myself a poet..POET WITH A BLUE DRESS BLUE DRESS BLUE DRESS, POET WITH A BLUE DRESS ON!!  Eyes like a stormy sky Dancing through this midnight life Whispers from the wind I hear I'm just a woman,  I have no roar. Walking down the beaten path High heels, a skirt, and a glamorous past A beautiful mess with a heart so pure I am a woman, I have a roar I don't need flowers Nor dinners atop the fancy towers ...more

Aloe me to introduce myself....

Journey got the right idea, “don’t stop belieeeving” They just don’t play this song enough! There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite jam over and over again on a tape deck, I’ve recorded the song about 15 times on each side as to avoid the hazard of rewinding and moped-ing. ...more

Hey beautiful,I love ...more

I blog on the first date.

Okay so last night I had trouble sleeping, when I finally did fall asleep I had a dream that I was on my wedding alter, and when I looked at my groom's face, it was completely blank. I don't mean he had an emotionless face, what I mean is that he had no eyeballs, nose, or mouth.  I awoke wondering what that meant. hmm? ...more