There is beauty in death from transformation.

photo from "If you bring forth what is inside you what is inside you will save you,if you do not bring forth what is inside you,what is inside you will destroy you"--Gospel according to Thomas.....more

confidence in christ

You are altogether beautiful my love there is no flawin you--song of Solomon 4:7 Society bombards women with images of what the ideal woman is supposed to look like. This version of the ideal woman is unattainable because it does not exist. These images give women an unrealistic version of whattrue beauty is. Most often they are airbrushed or photo shopped. I am not nor have I ever been close to society's version of beauty. I was a tomboy growing up. I wore flannels & corduroys and was often mistaken for a boy. ...more

Frequently Abiding In THe Lord leads to the destruction of False Evidence Appearing Real..

Based on my research I believe Zig Ziglar coined the phrase False Evidence Appearing Real & I have heard Joyce Meyer use it as well. It is a great acronym and fits perfectly with this latest entry. When we stop to think about it most of our fears are exactly that false evidence appearing real. However can feel very real because they may be rooted in a little bit of truth or what has ...more

glass..half empy or half full??

  One definition of perspective is a particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something.--a point of view. Some synonyms are mindset, objectivity,& attitude.. I like to get to know people’s story so I can understand their perspective. I may not understand or agree but I can still get an idea of where they are coming from....more

Into the fire

is the grass really greener??

ugly duckling