BLAMtastic is FANtastic! GIVEAWAY!!!

Wow, I am so excited about this new brand: BLAMtastic Skins is hitting right now the shelves in the natural section at Walmart!So here you have a fabulous new affordable and cruelty free option!But not only is BLAMtastic cruelty free, they use only non-toxic ingredients AND they give 1 % of their net profits to animal charities (to Animal Welfare Institute, Worldwildlife Fund, Oceana & Humane Farming Association).You can also watch my YouTube review! BLAMTastic Skins Blemish Control System A 4 step skin care regime containing salicylic acid to fight those blemishes.STEP 1: The facial cleanser does not have the typical medicated scent acne cleanser usually have- but instead smells refreshing fruity- yet ...more

Home Tour & My Paintings

I know, it is always interesting to peek in other homes! And today you can take a peek into my home! Some of you know that I do my own paintings and I wanted to share a couple of those here as well!Hope, you enjoy! ...more


When I started with my YouTube channel I actually did only little outfit videos but later on I focused on make up reviews- so I haven´t done in quite some time any outfit videos. Now that my editing talents got a little better, I thought I am gonna do a sweet little Spring Look Book for you! ;-)I hope you enjoy! ...more

Orly Nail polish- is it any good?

There has been some controversy last year about Orly going to China and then possibly not being a cruelty free brand anymore (China requires animal testing by law!) but luckily that turned out as false rumors:Orly is still cruelty free!I tried the colors "Super Natural" and "Finishing Touch" and like to share my thoughts on these! Here is the color: Super Natural Super Natural looks gorgeous: a shimmery peachy pink with almost a golden sheen to it! Perfect for spring! ...more

How to prepare your feet for sandal season & 6 DAY FLASH GIVEAWAY!

I love wearing sandals and find it very important to take good care of them. The cutest sandal won´t look cute if your feet look rough! ;-)Too lazy to read? ...more

All about my wedding!

So, I was "spring cleaning" my closet and found my old wedding dress. I thought to myself: why do I still have this? But then it came to me: I´m creating a little "All about my wedding" tag! ...more

CITY COLOR Review & Giveaway

It makes me always happy to find affordable, cruelty free, yet outstanding makeup brands.City Color is all that! City Color Contour Effects Palette My favorite product is the City Color Contour Effects palette. Although the colors do have some fallout- they blend gorgeous and are wonderful to work with.The bronzer in the middle is super flattering and natural- no glimmer or glitter, not muddy ore orange here! ...more

7 Tips on How to save money on your wedding!

wedding dress by...more

The older, the more colorful! ;-)

For so many years I was wearing mainly black but I changed that! I think colors are so much happier and the best accessory! Colors can look timeless, effortless and elegant ....more

Essence Review & GIVEAWAY!

Have you heard of essence yet? It´s a German drugstore Make up brand that I basically grew up with (Catrice is another one) and I´m excited that it is now also available in the US (at Ulta!).Essence is cruelty free & super affordable!My favorite products from essence are definitely the...more