Window Dressing


How to pack a summer suitcase

Packing a bag is a true art. An art that is more important now than ever, what with baggage restrictions on airlines, rising fuel expenses, and the aging population (the older you are the harder it is to lug an overloaded bag through an airport). I recently took a vacation to the East coast of Canada with my husband and kids and had the opportunity to review some of the basic principles of effective packing:...more

Aspirin no more - Thank you sunless tanner!

 When I was in university, the summers seemed so endless.  Four glorious months of working a clerical job by day, and relaxing with friends by night.  Never allowed much time for soaking up the sun though and this was in an age when self tanners were more likely to make one look pumpkinish rather than sunkissed.  As a result,  I earned a nickname: “Aspirin”.  As in uncoated ASA:  chalky and glowing white....more

Designers I hate to love

 We call them guilty pleasures.  Things we like but are embarrassed to admit to our friends.  In my case, those pleasures include Dr. Phil, frozen yogurt bars and talk radio.   And also, apparently,  the Spice Girls. ...more

What is making my face break out?

BEAUTY CONFESSION:  I have a pimple.  Or more delicately, a blemish.  This has raised an important question: Which beauty product has caused this break out and what should I stop using to prevent it from happening again?This type of question used to be very easy to answer when my beauty routine consisted of warm water and ivory soap.  Now, I have a complex, multi-step regimen that consists of numerous beauty products, each with its own blemish-inducing potential....more
Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing about my recent break-out. I'm blaming it on the contour ...more

40 Year old Beauty Virgin

Why a beauty blog?I always loved fashion and style but I consider myself a late bloomer.  I never fit the traditional beauty mould, until I turned 40!Reasons for that:...more
Uh oh.  Permission to splurge: GRANTED!  I will let you know if I take the plunge!more