Oh, the Hairs on my Chinny Chin Chin!

The other morning, while getting ready for the day, my 10 year old son asked me what puberty was.  Caught a little off guard, I turned it around and asked him what he thought it was....more

Shoes With Little Sticks

Today as I stand in my closet, mistress of all I survey, I am clad in my usual stay at home mom uniform – yoga pants, sweater and (mismatched) socks.    This is pretty much everyday attire for me, except for the occasional lunch date, when I’ll trade the yoga pants in for a nice trouser cut jean, usually keep the sweater but throw on a scarf or belt,  – voila,  restaurant ready!  It is a far cry from my office days, where the dress code was business attire daily, including footwear. With that said, I look down at my shoe rack, full of forlorn, abandoned...more

I Don't Want Sparkles on my Butt

I was in a major department store the other day,  shopping a killer winter clearance coat sale.  Considering that I haven’t had a real coat (read “dry clean only” as opposed to machine washable) since my son was born nearly ten years ago, I figured this would be a good time to take advantage of the reduced prices and the coupon I had.  Well, the shopping gods were generous and I found not one but two great designer coats at a substantial discount, and I look and feel great in them.  Flushed with confidence from my purchase, I ventured into the women’s j...more

Mashed Potatoes for Breakfast

On a recent morning, my son asked for mashed potatoes for breakfast.  I don’t really consider this an unusual request, as he is not into conventional breakfast food .  He’d just as soon eat an empanada instead of an egg in the morning.  Although, he’ll wake up out of a dead sleep and be at the breakfast table in 5 seconds flat if he catches a whiff of bacon frying up on the stove....more

I'm not a big fan of breakfast in general but I don't like "breakfast foods." I think that they ...more