writing - it's surprisingly hard

One of the worst things about having a blog? Is also one of the best things.It’s Writing.Now writing may not seem hard, especially when you’re reading someone elses posts or articles or novels or short stories or notes on bathroom walls, but when you actually sit down to do it yourself, it’s really damn hard. (note to all, I don’t make a habit or scrawling crap on bathroom walls whilst peeing)There are times when I have such great ideas for a post and then I sit down and it’s just gone....more

Fatal Effects

This evening someone felt the need to end their life. Underneath the wheels of a train. I don’t know what was happening in that persons life that made them feel like there was no other option but suicide, but whatever it was, it causes my heart to ache. I understand depression all too well. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing the battle, sometimes I feel like I’ve conquered it, but mostly I feel like I’m doing ok. I’m very lucky to have a very supportive husband and doctor, unfortunately that’s not the case for some people. But this post isn’t about that....more

Inches Vs. Pounds

Yesterday I put on a pair of trousers/pants/slacks/what ever you want to call them and they literally fell from my waist down to my hips. I could actually ball my hands into fists and shove them both down the front of my pants with room to spare.Only 8 weeks ago did they fit me, they were a little loose of course, I could put two fingers between my waist and the pants.I have not lost ANY weight however. I still weight the same as I did 8 weeks ago. So I was, and to a certain extent, still baffled....more
lol It sounds like you lost some fat and built some muscle. Hooray for YOU!more

The Power of Social Media

Over the past few weeks I have been amazed at the power of social media, I know I shouldn’t I be, considering that events in the past have shown how strong an effect social media is in our world, but I am.Sites like Twitter explode when something big happens in the news.  The death of Michael Jackson, the devastating Earthquake that hit Japan, and Haiti, the riots across London, to name but a few.Then there’s Facebook, not as big as Twitter, but still a similar effect across the board....more
"Use your common sense people." I like that. The role of social networking in recent riots was ...more

UK Riots

Monday night I sat glued to my television, flicking from news channel to news channel, horrified. I stayed up way later than I should of, watching horror after horror unfold. I listened and watched the reports as it got closer and closer to my home.I woke this morning, showered, dressed and grabbed breakfast, glued, yet again, to the news reports. The horror continued into the night. My city is literally burning to the ground and it's heart breaking....more

BlogHer vs The 2012 Olympics

In August 2010, my twitter timeline literally exploded with people excited to be going to #BlogHer10.  My timeline continued to be littered with tweets, twitpics, links to blogposts about #BlogHer10. I saw lots of fun photos, and decided that I really wanted to go to the next #BlogHer event....more


Have you ever stopped to think about how long you’ve been friends with your friends?I don’t think of myself as old, after all I’m only 27 and that’s not very old at all. 95 is old. But when you look at your friendships and you realise how long you’ve had them then it really hits home.My friend Sasha, I’ve been friends with her since I was 10. I am 27. That’s 17 years! Although we don’t live near enough to each other to visit on a regular basis, we keep in touch via email. She lives 7,000 odd miles away....more
You are blessed to have such friends. Girlfriends are truly a gift. This past weekend I attended ...more

Get Lippy on International Womens Day

On the 8th of March, the world at large will be celebrating International Womens Day.  It has been celebrated every year since 1911 and each year gains more support and strength.  For a fair few number of years now, the United Nations has held an annual IWD conference to coordinate international efforts for women's rights and participation in social, political and economic processes.  Women everywhere SHOULD be equal.  Because if we aren’t equal everywhere, we aren’t equal anywhere....more

Mothering Instincts

I've always known I wanted to have kids.  Although during my teenage years I chopped and changed my mind....more

here is my blog, you can check us out! there are my kids and a billion other kiddos that I ...more

New BlogHer Member

um, hi,new to this - not entirely sure how it works, so hello! ...more

Im super new as well! are you figuring it out alright?